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  1. 2015 worked for me - thank you. (I installed also other versions before that)
  2. I really dont have a strong opinion whether to prohibit infantry placed MSP. What I liked, though, when FRUs were introduced, there was no cooldown timer, so spawns were almost unkillable. In my opinion this made infantry game so much more fun. I never understood why they introduced prohibitive cooldown timers soon thereafter. So, I am in favour of abandoning cooldown timers on FRU placement. (if you can point me to a discussion on the survey topic, I would gladly read other opinions)
  3. I think they should do the "easy" stuff that brings the most value. For example: skins for soldiers. Lets have more, and also skins/camouflage for tanks. I am no programmer, but I think this should be easy to code. Next step is of course optional load out, but it is clear to me this is difficult to code. Next thing would be a newbie screen, in which he only sees an offer of active missions - not as today, that he sees the brigades, etc. So he sees five missions that he can immediately spawn into, without thinking much about the strategic aspects in depth. Perhaps he sees the map with nice arrows showing attacking forces. Next thing would be a new map - come on! It can not be THAT difficult, no? Also African map perhaps. But generally a lot of new content should be added, which I consider easy, as opposed to for example changing the code to end fb-flipping, which is supposedly hard-coded in to the game. By the way, why was it hard-coded into the game in the good old days? Could not the map just be lines in a database? Like: FB X-Y alive | FB X-Y alive | Both FB alive at the same time: true | FB flipping on: false I am just kidding, I have no idea how code works But please more content. Edit: my idea of a game starting page. Very simple. http://allforsquad.blogspot.com/2015/04/idea-for-game-starting-page.html
  4. Server is currently offline - I presume daily maintenance? But why at such an unusual time? I have noticed maintenance taking longer these days, or just my feeling?
  5. Recently the GPU driver has updated automatically, or some win updates were implemented automatically, and my machine started to shutdown quite frequently. I just get static audio, and black screen - pc just collapses. Anyone getting this? I cant tell which update exactly does this, because it was done automatically.
  6. So is it possible to find squad statistics? If yes, how, if not, why not?