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  1. I would also like to point out, that after using CH products and playing this game that I am now suffering a massive performance decrease in all games that I play. Where I would once have 200+ frames, I now have only 30. I saw the same performance decrease in BattlegroundEurope this morning ...the same time I found that my CH controllers no longer were being detected by the game. 4790K 980GtxTi and can no longer play the games I want. Something went wrong here.
  2. Hi all. I've got all the items plugged in here. It worked for a night and I was able to play with all three controllers working well. for this I was using DirectMode I'd left the computer for some time (5 hours) and my I believe my computer had been rebooted. I tried to play again and found that no controllers were being detect in-game except for the throttle piece. The inputs for all controllers are detected in the CH Manager program. Now, when I try to modify the key settings in the game I find that for pitch/roll/yaw the Joystick/Pedals input no longer get detected by the game. Anyone encountered this? I've tried uninstalling drivers, unplugging, swtiching ports, rebooting computer
  3. Yes, I used a Saitek Evo for a while before the buttons stopped working.
  4. Yes, it worked. Thank you
  5. Hello. I was wondering if anybody have heard anything about problems associated with older joysticks? I am trying to use the Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro. The drivers work... when I go to the calibration tool all of the buttons pictures and axis meters change correctly. When I get into the game, my joystick doesn't work. I clicked Detect Controllers, which didn't fix the problem. Is there something I am missing? Regards, William.