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  1. I'm in se Houston (Pasadena) and will try and make it.
  2. I can go either way on f2p fru's , I would say keep track of the pro's and cons and make a decision.More fru's are always welcomed lol.
  3. Any good sniper will tell you shoot and move , yes it is frustrating getting killed like you describe as it happens to me all the time(I'm a dumbass tho) What you need to work is your spotting and being able to narrow down the area that ei is in.Yes it's a challenge but getting the kill after a few frustrating attempts is a bit of a rush lol.The mark on the map is a general location for only a minute or so unless it's a set up et or atg so expect that mark to have moved on and try and cut him off or flank him.I'm not the best one to show anyone how to hunt ei/efru's but just work some basic interception tactics and play around with different stuff to improve your hunting skills.
  4. !s r.i.p.
  5. !S welcome back.
  6. !S welcome back
  7. !S welcome back all you previous players, see you on the battle field.
  8. Welcome back.
  9. !S R.I.P. Keysie
  10. My brother was telling me about this game he was playing back in 1998 I think , he said it was bad ass and not like the other war games that got boring pretty quick .When my mom passed away I went back up to Chicago and he showed me the game , I was up playing the next morning with no food or sleep but plenty of beer in my system . I was hooked , so after I got back to Texas I saved up and got a computer and played on his account on and off between 2000-2002.His game name was keitho he played with the French 9th marines , in 2003 I finally got my own account and have enjoyed the friends I've made and the endless hours of sleep lost over the years. !S to all past , present and future players.
  11. The alpines lol or where ever that was if it's still available, it was a fun few hours fighting in the snow.
  12. Stats are for whore's give me submarines:) lol
  13. I can't remember how to find them lol,know it's in a file somewhere.
  14. !S welcome to the game , don't forget to download and get on teamspeak it helps a lot.