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  1. I dont know much about my Grandfather on my dads side. We have a few items he owned. My Grandfather was Nepalese and was part of the Gurkha regiment attached to the British Army. My dad has told me he fought against the Japanese but my Aunty said .. who is older then my dad that he was actually in N Africa. I have recently been trying to discover more about him .. but my dad doesnt like talking about it much and so it makes it hard.
  2. S! Hello i wish to get a 2nd account. I cant find anywhere in subscription to add another one to my pre existing one. So basically i want another subscriptions on my card and run both accounts on the one pc. Cheers monashy
  3. Same ...very very frustrating ... the missus and the kids out and cannot play ... arrrrrgggg
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  10. I have a Dream ... A dream that all Australian and New Zealand players unite under the ANZAC banner. Imagine the Squad that would produce. No place like home
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