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  1. t6Ikn2zkfEk /pray I still remember how to post youtube videos here.
  2. Man I love these events! Put me down as a commando!
  3. Glad to see ya back Kar!
  4. lol it was Matamor who reported killing ya
  5. Didd't work for me either,but thanks for making my forums fugly.
  6. tke plety yaycka slocka wockwocka okie dokie oblesslassallsassaa bumpage!
  7. btw fire you Axis now or waiting until campaign start? nvm I remember someone saying they killed you today and I congrats'd him for it.
  8. I think Hick helped me with this before. He seems to be the master of all things not but related to BE also so I bet he will know.
  9. Just trollin. Or I could be secretly bumping this more then once epr day as the rules suggest we do by nonchalantly throwing out reasonable ideas. But I wouldn't do that. <.< >.>
  10. It has that delay anyways even without the credits.
  11. lol Just seems air squads seem pretty tight together,and theres not a ton of them.