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  1. lol ok you got me I would think (dont know) a hurricane or something in RL if flown low enough and at low RPM's could hear a opel.They didn't obviously because they weren't that low,but that doesn't mean it should be impossible ingame.That problem would be forcing aircraft higher which is for a different discussion. If they couldn't here it though then they shouldn't here it ingame.Im a ground nub and dont really know
  2. What about the people doing CAS? If they are low they should be able to hear tanks/trucks. If its not possible to be that picky no sounds would still be a better option.
  3. Yep,AA guns give it the most I would say.Especially the AI.
  4. This is BIG problem.
  5. You can still climb some things backwards.
  6. If you get results pending,first click in the unit list.If theres some there,you can just spawn back in again. If theres nothing listed,try hitting the settings tab.Im guessing its because it reloads the UI,sometimes if you click that,then click back,the list is there and you can spawn in.
  7. This happened to me on a live server a couple of days ago.
  8. I did a /report a bit ago and havent tried lately,but last I checked the OIC system is broken,is says we cant OIC them,no matter who we try.
  9. *Files a Allied withdrawl from Valenciennes immediatly*
  10. Dont spawn tanks when your heavily camped. cha ching problem fixed.
  11. lol,i see bottom post, go to my folders and 'delete" the folder.Continue reading and deletes not the same as unistall
  12. It is possible your computer might have rabies and is turning on you....please call your computer emergency health center.
  13. same with me....its as if my computer is like "well you play the normal game so much,i think i wont let you on here....oh stop hitting start training,it wont help addicted bastard."