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  1. I was having similar issues, ctds random error messages regarding my gfx card. I've got a HIS 4870 1gb card, iv used the 9.12 cats and found i cant alt-tab and what not, im running windows 7 64 bit and iv found the only drivers that have worked for me are the 9.5 cats. However i dont suspect this helps the ppl with 5xxx cards much. My fps varies between 17-50ish, its sad since my old 9600gt performed better than this card. My rig isnt slow either (main components) Intel I7 920 Asus P6T Mobo 12gb DDR3 1600 Mhz Patriot C8 ram ATI HIS 4870 1gb ICEq4 edition (run wwIIOL in 1920x1080, full settings) Creative XFI Titanium Fatality Pro series Soundcard Antec Signature Series 800W PSU Dual 60gb OCZ Apex SSDs (raid 0) 3x Seagate 7200 rpm 1TB drives (Raid 5) Windows 7 64 bit Professional so no one can say that my rig is slow. ATI most likely wont fix the issue with the cards...that is to say even if its their fault.
  2. Just reporting I'm also having these smartheap errors a lot since the last patch. I'm also running windows 7 64 bit (full version from msdn, not RC). It crashes roughly every 5 minutes and its not for the lack of memory, iv got 12gb. I have noticed mine crashes when WW2_sse2.exe uses about 1.7gb of usage. Crashing times vary, originally when i updated to the new patch i was flying a lot of air, and it never crashed, then i started playing infantry more frequently and it began crashing. Now though it happens in both regardless. I have also tried lowering my graphics settings, older video card drivers etc no luck. I'm just wondering if there is any ETA on the next patch/fix. Thanks Guys, good luck System Specs Windows 7 64bit Professional Intel Core i7 920 (no overclock) 12gb Patriot 1600 mhz ddr3 ram Asus p6t mobo HIS IceQ4 ATI 4870 1gb Creative XFI Titanium Fatility Pro series soundcard 2*60gb OCZ Apex SSD (raid1) 3*1TB Seagate hdds (raid5)