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  1. I would lol @rebel357 being chased by 10k 13 yr olds
  2. don't think I won't let silky know about this! disgusting padder
  3. and then after that we'll ban you, mikeaz
  4. they have a quite playable beta (or perhaps is it alpha?) right now. when I last tried it, it was basically a dogfight arena type deal. fun enough but not worth the $100 million at this point - still a work in progress though, I knew its not finished yet. the persistent universe will be the holy grail of a complete game when you'll know the game was worth the cost. I dunno if they will pull it off or not *shrug* I don't keep up with the news like some others may - vyper and vonwiggle and the jg26 crew stay informed on it a lot more than I do
  5. don worry, I already fixed his post
  6. Where is the apology to the squads (thousands of people) that supported this game before AO's? You ruined your game, and never owned up to it. You are failing because you decided to ignore the squads that pay your salary. 10 years of terrible management, the alienation of the player base has given you exactly what you deserve, a dead game. Does anyone still remember when it was common to run a flight with 30 other people on the AF? Or maybe run tanks from one town to another to boost the inventory? Does anyone remember when you could cap towns without an AO? When you actually had a choice without having to be in high command? I didn't see "I'm sorry" anywhere in your post, just begging for more cash. I already played the "more cash" game when you offered lifetime accounts... Still waiting on those other promises 5 years later. At least you hired Schilling, probably the biggest asshat in your player base to give you some direction. Did that work out for you? I really hope you guys get your **** together, because I do like simulators and you have a fun game once you take all your retarded game changes since 2005 and throw them out the window. MMO's are about people, and you screwed your people over. You lied to us, and deserve to fail. Anyone that hasn't been around for more than 10 years can disregard this post.
  7. you misspelled 'axis'
  8. when dose nukes for the HCs?
  9. you missed 8 years... approximately...
  10. jajajajajaajajaja!
  11. Hi

    I shot him down 852 times and I was axis!
  12. allegedly thank goH for the site beta testers