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  1. I had the same thing. Definitely a mac only issue.
  2. Join a squad. It's the best way. If you play allied you are more than welcome to join my squad the 13th Infantry. Other tips. Infantry: Don't spawn into a camped CP. Think about where the enemy is coming from. You can often work this out from looking at the map and the direction marks have been made. Place yourself at 90 degrees and in concealment and pick them off as they run past Move positions as soon as you think you've been spotted or after about 3 kills. Practice shooting different distances with the rifle. Look at the map, if lots of people are dying in the same area don't follow them sheep like to your doom. Find out where the threat is. If you're not moving stay hidden.
  3. Has been any change to the graphics in the recent update? Looks better and performs better than it used to.
  4. yep command + tab works now. Thanks Ahwulf!
  5. yeah I tried that. Changing the gamma to 1.8 seemed to help a bit. The bushes still seem too dark though.
  6. What colour profile are people using for 1.31? I have mine set to sRGB for work, but it seems way too dark in daylight and has some odd results, purple AI for instance and night time is lighter than day weirdly. Any thoughts on a good colour profile? imac 3.06 Core 2 Duo
  7. sadly I have to say the beta runs faster under bootcamp...as much as it pains me to use windoze.
  8. I had a go at the beta yesterday during the infantry test. Getting very low 6-8 fps even with everything turned down. imac 24" 3.06 ghz core 2 duo ATI-4850 Occasionally it would go back up to something playable but moving brought it right back down again.
  9. my thought exactly!
  10. thanks ahwulf, sticking with XP for now though. On a related note I wrote to Natural Point (trackIR) about drivers for mac os x, I got this reply: So it looks like I'll still be using boot camp for a while
  11. if you could make alt-tab work correctly as well you'd make a lot of us very happy
  12. I use both, (snow leopard and XP with bootcamp) Mac pros: - mac version is far more stable. cons: - sound is weird - slightly slower XP pros: - TrackIR - looks slight better (something to do with the shaders) - slightly faster - sound is ok cons - crashes a lot more. - it's windows. I only use XP version because of trackIR.
  13. You probably tried this but... I had the same problem, and solved it by using the re-calibrate option in the settings before you start the game. Settings > Joystick 1 > Calibrate.