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  1. x5 for me, gonna give up and go to bed...
  2. late as usual but could i have a ship if ones free or a crew pos pls? either/or is fine w me, ta.
  3. downloaded the patch today, when puter restarted game the graphics card info was in chinese, and the game also, tho that kept changing, most things in chinese some not, on the same page.
  4. hiya ive just got a cheap saitek x45 of ebay, does anybody know if there are any premade switch settings for it? ta.
  5. cheers doc, i had done that, it was just my crap language, i still cant uninstall the test in add/remove programs, but i install 1.30 anyway and it works ok with test still there, so........ ned/dino
  6. ive deleted pg and the main file but when i go to delete the test file i get could not open INSTALL.LOG file, any ideas please? oh and i am doing it in add remove programs as the man said.....
  7. hi all, my puter is an old p4 lappy, topish of the range 6 years ago but not so topish now, anyhow time to upgrade. i have a limited budget at the mo unfortunately, so am thinking cheaper dual core, maybe a 3 core amd if i can find one at a resonable price, the only other programs i really would like to run aside from tis is total war and some cad programs. ive got lots of dvd drives, hdd drives etc, so i think more money for the important parts? im in the uk and have about 300 pounds to spend all up, bout 420 usd. anyhelp would be appreciated, i can get a intel pent dual core 2220 2.4 for under 50gbp, 70usd, is this a good deal? ok cheers in advance. ps are amd athalon x64 dual cores any good? there even cheaper than the intel.
  8. im getting this today, ive also been connection lost all day yesterday and today, its got fairly annoying, almost every time i tried to spawn in today, any helpful ideas? i already set my firewall the crs recommended way.........