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  1. Anybody using Parallels to run BE under virtual Windows XP (on their Mac)? Three questions: 1) Any problems running BE? 2) Any problems using a joystick (like the Saitek sx52)? 3) Any problems using Track IR? Thanks
  2. JG51 Molders is the best!!! And not just because I joined them
  3. I got the x52 Pro... It works like a miracle... turns out the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro was "crooked" (which is kind of bad since I bought it brand new). Anyway... thx everybody for helping me out Case closed
  4. OK, I tried a few things... calibration and re-centering it while playing, but the Extreme 3D Pro continues to give inconsistent results... crash after crash I have decided to buy a Saitek X58... Maybe this will give more consistent results. Anybody using the Saitek X58 on Mac OS 10.4.11?
  5. Yeah, funny for sure Do you move the JS over all axes while seated in the plane (before starting up the engine), or before you launch the game (calibration in the settings menu of the game launcher)?
  6. gamename: eagleyes (Axis) I need some help with basic flying skills (such as take-off, landing, etc). Yes, I am a n00b, but very motivated GMT +1 (Netherlands) 10:00-12:00 AM or 20:00-22:30 PM week days or weekends Thanks PS Where do I check my PM?
  7. This is a brand new joystick. I haven't used this type before. This is the 1st and only joystick I have tried with BE. I don't have any other games that require a joystick, so I don't know if it works OK with other games. I will test the joystick... Thanks.
  8. Hi, I am on a Mac and bought a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick to do some flying. But when I steer to the left or right I always end up in an unstoppable loop. The same for using the joystick to control tanks and such... For example, if I use the joystick to move the turret to the left, it continues in an unstoppable spin. It drives me nuts Any idea what joystick might actually work?
  9. Get the same error message... servers are down appearantly