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  1. How many recruits did your squad take in? (Approximation) On the first day I .grab about 65-70 guys. I wanna say aomswhere between 200-250 Of those recruits that were WORKED with, how many are returning to play the game? Almost acout 30-40 of them are either playing with squad or playing on allies.(Either way they are playing lol) What is working? -I loved the host squad for the week. I .grabbed everyone that came on the sec they did. I think it's a great tool to have to help the new guys and grow the game. What is not working? Getting new guys on TS I mean there is no control over this but that was the main thing I had was getting new guys on TS. Comments -I think this is a very great thing to have each squad do. If not a squad maybe have just a handful of players that are able to .grab just the new guys.(OVER ALL I ENJOYED EVERY PART OF THIS HOST SQUAD WEEK.)
  2. **** happends guys. S! to the rats for working though it all.
  3. S! Axis I have played with u guys for many many years. I am the newly pointed CO of the JaBo in the Windhund Squad. Me and couple of my pilots are looking for new members. You can view our website at http://windhund.biz/ Or just pm ct123 or Hauptman6. See u in the air guys.
  4. I could use A2A please. Name tag is CT123,EST timezone, I have the whole thursday, Or anyday at night pass 6 pm.
  5. Hello everyone after I unstall the game useing add/remove programs then reinstall the game and new patch came out everysince then every time I load the game at the start up screen when you gotta push ok my mouese does't click or anything I already tryed clt-alt and nottin worked all my divers are up to date and i even sent in a ticket but haven't heard anything yet been 2 weeks.hopeing someone can help me??
  6. I really do thank all of you for helping me resolve this issues but for some reason everything i try nottin works.Everytime i try to click on anything it it doesn't go image everytime to click well everytime i try it nottin goes can't click anything and i hear the music and i know its still running its just so dam wierd.
  7. Thats what the support ticket gave me to do.I already took that step.I really don't know what eles to do
  8. Thankyou for the info but I have already made sure its runing under admin.Not even the support team can help me.Idk what the problem is i hope someone can help iam lost bout 3 weeks due to this problem.
  9. hello i updated the sever and ever since then everytime i log in and start up the screen my moues isn't able to click on and i try to click ok on open screen and nottin happends????
  10. Its only at the start up screen when i gotta push ok and i made sure all my boxs were unmarked.I was just playing the game before the new patch came out.