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  1. Hell you guys got it easy. Try CTHL's on average every 30 minutes since 1.23 release.....It's frustrating beyond belief
  2. Having CTHL error 45 second freeze with CTHL message. The game also no longer says "connection to host re-established". I suppose it never happens and this is like what it did a few patches ago when some people had problems with it. 56K modem....V90 connecting at 49.2kbps/Local ISP I've tried both IP addresses in 1.23.5 and 1.23.6. No go for either. No accelerators Medium Visual Player Limit will E-mail netcheck to KFSONE from
  3. Installed the fixed exe....winner was 66 but I got CTHL still. 45 Sec Freeze with message
  4. Keep getting lockups. Probably caused by CTHL because I could hear the PM alert sound going off after it had locked up (I was being PMed a few times). Hasn't fixed itself yet