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  1. Hey Rafter here's all my pics ...
  2. We went ahead and got a car since it sounds like we'll be doing some driving to the links, the bar and maybe even the ER if we play our cards right.
  3. I just got confirmation from my managers this afternoon that I can take the time off so Wolfie and I are definitely in for this.
  4. Yeah it turns out I have some airfare discounts with AlaskaAir. If we can get the time off from work we're in. Strictly vodka this time. Well and gin too. And maybe scotch. But yeah no tequila.
  5. WOOHOO. VRHC Movie Rolling Thunder Allied Network News Primetime ... and while its not WWIIOL ... here's one of my more favorite home movies I shot last year ... Urban Combat 101.
  6. 4 BDE: We take more ground before 9 a.m. than most units do all day!