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  1. I was there with my stug... great battle!
  2. I think that now you have many tools to intrigue them like the spaa, new planes, new tanks and Italians coming, impressive roadmap and wing2 screenshots. I would suggest to do it again, compared to your last promotion, now you have done a lot more things and in a short time. Let to understand that we are moving towards a new and beautiful ww2 online and they will come back... again
  3. did you send them an email? have you also included your future projects? I think it is very important to do this...
  4. Hello to everyone, i have an idea to bring back our soldiers, can we do a discussion about it? My idea is simple... rats can sand an email to all players and you do an offertly of 15 days of free game with old their account. Include also the great roadmap link and/or your future projects for example. We have a human potential of thousands of inactive players. Contact them, give to them good offers and they, after seeing how the game will evolve, I'm sure they will come back because this game, however old graphically, etc... it's unique
  5. We are coming... Now I hope it's just the beginning and i hope also to not wait another 15 years to see some italians tank, infantry, atg etc Great Job! Viva L'ITALIA!!!!
  6. hahaha nice idea... but I can not abandon my stug, it is too strong a love!
  7. If this is a good idea or it is not, I honestly do not know, but I know that this game and us squads, we need more active players and many, too many of the new players who tested the game run away. Guilt of the graphics, guilt of a complicated game, guilt that their do not enter the any squad or perhaps guiilt of the fact that they can not access the best armament, I do not know this again but in the meantime they go away from the game. Without players, we do not have fun, see for example morning in the Euro timezone where we are able to conquer cities without even firing a shot. We must find a way to make them remain...
  8. Ora abbiamo anche una nuova pagina REI su facebook -->
  9. and allow them to have the rank to take all the ships, infantries, tanks, etc. Why do I say it? Imagine that you are a new player and you join in the current campaign. Soon there will be sherman, panzer 4g etc etc, you really think you have fun fighting them with a pz38 or an h39 for example? Give them the opportunity to take those means, let them have fun and you'll see that a lot of them will then stop and play by paying subscription
  10. eymerich, fulmine, eneita, matteita, farfa, clust63, nicche, esna... It's just some of them that I would like to get contact, you think what can do any squad , if we could have an option to contact every old player of squad via email. Can You think about what human potential we might have in ame if you give us this method... .. and if they come back, offer him a month's free account or a discount on monthly payments etc because you are really able to encourage these people to come back. Many have played this game for years.... and they love it.
  11. ..because we certainly need new players but also of the old players. I dare sure that thousands of them know nothing about the current game, roadmap 2018 etc. We must call them back to arms.
  12. Sound good yeah... You can also add an option visible only to squad Co or Xo that allows him to send email to all members of the squad? It would be very useful to involve them again, send them game news, squad event etc. What do you think about it? In fact i'll can able to contact other 100 members with one click.. sound good again, right?
  13. Soon (I hope) we will work on updating Italian translation in game and we will transalte the Game Monitor app But anyway, about my idea on the New Account ---> Select Country ---> Faction (optionally?) ---> Squad link, I'm sure it will help both the squad itself, the game and finally the new player. Can you tell me something more about these squad tolls?
  14. I think it should be your priority. And I'll give you an example, in a month of play around, I'm back to being a squad XO and I found casually (how much italian players i missed? I'm not online 24h on 24 ) 12+ players , about 6 now have a paid account or do it soon and one joined in your staff team. What do I mean? If you can get them involved in a team and help them, then many of their stay to play despite the graphics and for you, it means having more money at the end of the month and for us, more players to have fun. Consider it please if you accept a good suggestion. Lonely player do no stay along in the game and also, rank system need to change asap. I know that new player aren't able to move well a tiger for example, but you don't think is too much frustrating when a new player spawn a pz38t and allied have a sherman in the forwarded campaign?. Do you think that player have fun? Give to him at the low rank, for example only 1 tiger, or 4g or, stuka g2 etc.Give to him something to have fun when the campaign move on the tieri1, 2 etc, otherwise... he goes off and probably you have lost another player = money = fun