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  1. I suggest adding tactical objectives such as conquering a hill, an intersection, a road, etc. and from there, having the spawn similar to the FMS. This is to encourage battles outside the cities and make them more tactical ... What do you think?
  2. congrats and gj to all Andenne heroes.... great battle!
  3. This is a simple idea to encourage players to do ms's with 251 / HT / SD.Kfz / Laffy WTC Truck ---> Light ATG and AA 251 and Heavy Truck ---> Medium and heavy ATG and AA Plus... SD.Kfz ---> 88 Flak36 and Laffy WTC can deploy the MS's We could even change the infantry spawnlist. For example, we could can impose the best weapons (bazooka, mortar etc) to only available via heavy trucks. What do you think?
  4. Great Job Nerco250!!!
  5. I know it jwilly, don't worry but for example if you use a pz2c and the your commander is out of turret and die by enemy infantry, the panzer will be also lost. Why we can't have a new crew via ht/251 or switch crew positions inside the pz? This i meant
  6. (I think it will be a very useful discussion for rats) 1- I would want to be able to switch tank crew when one (or more) is dead. Totally absurded that I lose everytime the panzer when my gunner or driver is dead. Give to me a chance to switch the crew (surely with some penalty like slowly ammo recharge) and to have also a new one ONLY via HT/251. These will have a new role and maybe can repair also a truck, engine or gun jammed. 2- Topoghrafic map. This is a realistic simulation of world war 2 and we haven't it, that incredible 3) Add strategical objectives like bridge, top hill, crossroad and more. Completed the objectives and you can launch assault /ao on the town. This will make the game much more realistic... ps.... The last one, Italian Faction
  7. this is the point and my idea came from here...
  8. ...and would have a purpose if it could at least destroy the fms?
  9. Excellenty job at Erk. He's spotted efms, destroyed it to many times, guarded a CPs, nice comunications on the chat and more. For this reason i'm proud to give a medal to you! Ps ---> I would want to thankfully also Sinewave, Shagher and Demented72 for awesome effort today. We are able to hold the line. !STUG Meritorious Service Cross Awarded to individuals for meritorious service in the superior performance of their duties.
  10. Exactly.... can you imagine how the game would change if the assault gun could destroy the fms? The tactics of positioning of the fms and movements with the assault guns change too, because they would be used in a more massive way to hit enemy fms. Practically theiy role in the real life.
  11. FMS/Mobile Spawn? Do you like this idea?? Ad why not the FBs also? These tanks would have the role for which they were designed...
  12. congrats!!!
  13. well done soldiers!!!
  14. Today I am really proud to Dagnabit. Your dedication to the defense of Hallschlag, when we was surrounded by EFRU, multiple EI and some ETs... deservs a reward! We still fighting there, still fighting Axis... and We will win this battle, this [censored] war. Please accept it as a sign of gratitude. Thank you... !STUG Meritorious Service Cross Awarded to individuals for meritorious service in the superior performance of their duties