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  1. I just want to say I hope garrisons are extremely low supply and are only being added to provide defense during off hours when HC is not moving divisions. The general playerbase from what I have seen gets much more excited about a town if it is meaningful to the front line and brigade placement. The flags add value not only to HC gameplay but to players who want to see the front line develop in meaningful ways. Please do not reduce this game to simply "which side can capture 300 villages first"
  2. Been playing for about 15 years. Below are the ideas I believe in the strongest for increasing fun for players, the amount of community, and revenue for CRS. New Point based Revenue system: --- Update the points of all units to be proportional to their real world production cost. Players gain an amount of in game currency equal to units they kill, and likewise when KIA lose that many points. I have researched the cost in 1940 dollars of every WWIIOL unit for a mod I am making and already have this data. --- Players are automatically given a certain number of points to spend every month based on their subscription level. This should make it similar to war thunders successful funding model, especially if CRS allows points to be outright purchased on demand. --- Allow players to gift each other points. For example .thankyou might gift some points to say thank you for towing or something. Point is community --- Long time players will gain in game incentives to RTB and kill valuable units --- Free or basic players would still be able to on occasion play any class that they save up for. --- Allows for an analogue pricing model that captures revenue from all players from free to hero builder, and gives them some benefit in game respective to their contribution. --- Just like in real life, the best players will use the best equipment, which also means best equipment is way less likely to be wasted. With tigers costing 2-3 times that of other tanks, most players would not risk dying in one, but a few players would reliably kill 2-3 enemy tanks per spawn in a tiger. New Infantry Class - Officer ---Highest Rank required ---Pistol ---Extra Ammo x 2 ---Extra zoom binoculars ---Range Finder ---Can see friendly marks 1.5KM radius instead of 1km --- Perhaps can be the only infantry that can build FRUs? --- Predicted to be used for spotting for snipers, long range guns and in general marking enemy targets. New Construction Objects: --- Sniper Tower (like the AI ones but useable by players) --- Tank foxhole (allows a tank to go hull down)
  3. Any tips on getting the game to run in windows 8 64 bit? I have tried re installing as compatibility mode and running in compatibility mode
  4. I want to play cant find anyone