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  1. Well, I'm glad it's not just me this is happening to. I even reinstalled the game just to make sure lol.
  2. just looked, says campeign is up and online
  3. i read that aswell, but i never beleive what i read, only what i see. I am going to be keeping an eye on it tonight untill i go to bed, if anything changes, i will post it in this thread.
  4. i was online when they weant down, all i got was a connection error and a close. not a crash though.
  5. i play by myself actualy lol. And i do not know if it crashed or not. but its making me mad! ROAR!!!!
  6. yes, im getting the same issue, i have a post under this one named Not Installed, are you getting Server: v0.0.0.0 Local: Not Installed like i am?
  7. after getting patched from 1.29-1.30 i started to play for about an hour or so and without warning i guess the servers go down, but i try to reconnect and where it says Server and Local i get... Server: v0.0.0.0 Local: Not Installed what does this mean?