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  1. Oct, had a very hard time paying subscription, took 4 days of no access for CRS to sort it out. Last month, same thing happened and I decided not to spend hours trying to pay. I sent one request in.. Now I look for my account and nothing is there. original handle "killerp" When I try forgot password, says no account try again. Never had this problem in 18 years.... maybe because server is being moved?
  2. After 18 years of being able to pay wwii with no problems.. Now I can not seem to pay wwii... Take my money? I have followed all tutorials and have not figured problem out yet.
  3. What's the status? Campaign soon?
  4. TMAN, Thank you for update. Any news bad or good is WAY better than silence. Cheers \~/
  5. Any guess when wwiionline will be fixed?
  6. @ LDZEKE, Thanks, thats how it was. @ aismov, Where do you mean to click "detect controller"
  7. I used to use my hat switch for gun sight range but now KeyMapper won't pick it up... anyone know why or how to make it work again? Been over a year since in game. thanks