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  1. !S Viking here! I am OF COURSE in on this I will go with 505th Panzer, or FF Fallschirmjager.. On Axis side!!!! Looks like a great event XOOM. Good job.. Cant wait to see much players, working together in a big Axis team.. Hope to se some organized fights.. WooT !S Viking
  2. !S 505 PD Great squad. Dedicated Axis Only squad. U a dedicated axis player and likes teamwork join up !S
  3. !S.. BUMB Viking, a true Axis only player
  4. Sign up to an great Dedicated Ais only squad..
  5. Bump... Sign up axis players.. lets make it rain hell over the allies.. !S
  6. Sign up for 505th Panzer Battalion !S Dedicated Axis only squad.
  7. A dedicated Axis squad... Join up... Cheers and bottoms up
  8. So what you all are saying hear, is that you realy cant play WWiionline on Windows 7 64bit??? I am starting to get thoughtfull here. I never could guess that buying me a new computer, going from a laptop to a desktop with new stuff in it, to improve my game A LOT, would make everything more complicated... I just upgraded my computer, cause i have played on a lap-top : intel core 2 duo prossesor Geforce 8600m video card And a tiny 15" screen.. With Vista 32 bit if i`m not to wrong.. Game runs okey. Of course i have some ctd`s, and very low FPS the places where much happens at ones, and all that ****.. So i now upgraded to an Intel i5 quad core 2.66 GHz Geforce GTX 260 videocard 24" screen, so i can see what i shoot at And on top the new Windows 7 64 bit is coming along with it, pre-installed.. I most honestly say that i havent read every post here, but i see much trouble with this Windows 7 64 bit.. So what many says here, is that i now, with some real hardware to play the game on, with less laging, and higher FPS and a Much bigger screen. So will i now ctd, and have alot og trouble due to that windows 7 64 bit??? What do i have to do, so i can play this on my new coputer with windows 7 64 bit that i will get next week??? Is there stuff i can do. or do i have to wait for 1.31 to play proparly again?? Heard some buddys say this game(version) has been going for a lot of years, so its starting to get old, compared to the new operativ-systems coming out. But isnt that something the guys running the whole thing here (rats) to make the adjustments, so we can play, even with upgraded computers.. I am not a computer noob, and dont have a clue on much of this things.. So some advises would been great Thx for a good game, i am enjoying, and i hope i can enjoy it as much or more when i get my new stuff soon.. :salute: Viking