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  1. Such TVs interpolate from an < 60 Hz input signal, which pretty worthless. There are "true" 120 Hz computer monitors on the market.
  2. Critical scenes (BenchVehicles is not a worst case scenario) ARE mostly CPU limited.
  3. I also noticed improvements when wearing a magnetic ring on my right wrist.
  4. The low memory option does not help and only reduces the game experience further. It only helps marginally when your system has less than 1.2 GByte of physical RAM- and less than 256 MByte of graphics memory available.
  5. You don't have the right driver installed for your graphics card then.
  6. Quad core CPUs are not beneficial for the game performance compared to dual core CPUs. They are in fact even a bit slower because of the cache hirarchy.
  7. Yes. Definitely.The CRTs do not differ in performance and the CRT has almost no impact on the games frame time. It is simply not possible.
  8. Identical test scenes. The problem is that you cannot make comparisons online because the scenes differ so much. And regarding your impressions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placebo Sorry, but the problem is that the mass of "tweaks" that people are trying area potential cause for problems. So things like this have to be proven with measurements before it can be advised to others.
  9. A controlled test reveals that there is absolutely no difference. Also how could there be any? There is no significant difference in performance between the CRTs in the first place. And then the CRT contributes only to a tiny fraction of a frame time.
  10. Noteboos with even only decent graphics hardware weight more than 5 kg! How is that portable? And they are insanely loud as well!Why not buy a cheaper and truely mobile notebook and a fast desktop for the same price?
  11. You obviously haven't been in big battles when you get such frame rates. Even 3.3 GHz Core i7 CPUs go down to the low 20 FPS.I wonder why anyone considers to buy "high-performance" notebooks with a GPU that drains a lot of Watt!? They are huge, heavy and thus immobile monsters which drain the battery in only one or two hours, cost much more than a desktop counterpart and are still much slower. Seriously, what's the point?
  12. Exactly. You can get a complete and much faster desktop PC for the price that you would pay for the notebook CPU alone.
  13. Your graphics card is NOT the issue! The have to upgrade your CPU first if you want to see improvments where it matters.
  14. Try to force vertical sync in the driver settings.
  15. With an Core i7, which is the fastest CPU on the market?