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  1. Another tip. Do not run from a 109, especially when it has an E advantage. I will catch you.
  2. i hate plink kills
  3. sooo is this fixed or not in 1.30?
  4. both
  5. New drivers prevent the game from even loading. It locks up at "Initializing texture compression" and gives the "MEM_BAD_POINTER" error
  6. ya reverting back to 8.xx drivers for me is out of the question because of compatibility issues with other games. If you run the game offline, AA works fine..it only gets caught up on the game map.. Ill just have to run without AA until a fix is found.
  7. tested with 9.4 drivers and its still freezing at map.
  8. still an issue anti aliased locking up the game while at the map...Did the same in 1.29..probably driver issue.. ati 4780x2 with 9.3 drivers..