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  1. Another tip. Do not run from a 109, especially when it has an E advantage. I will catch you.
  2. same problem
  3. i think this is just some error with the theater map not liking ati's aa with the new drivers...the game runs fun in offline with aa on..just not the map.
  4. probably a 48XX series problem as usual.
  5. still a issue with 9.2
  6. game still freezes with 9.2
  7. Problem Solved! ati released a hotfix for the 8.10 drivers that was supposed to help the upcoming Farcry 2 game performance...it seemed to work with wwiiol now also...i get steady frames now with no slow downs woot!
  8. thats not the issue
  9. Does CRS have any solution so far to this?? any talks with AMD?
  10. well that sucks i just reverted back to 8.9 and still having same problem but if the rats say its not compatible yet then theres the answer.
  11. i initially had 8.9 but never tried them with wwiiol..I was having issues with another game at the time..but i may revert back and try.
  12. I couldnt find any info in the forum yet, but ive been having trouble getting the game to run smooth...My fps in game rarely go above 30 and just clunk to the mid teens everywhere...there is obviously something wrong because i have the best card out on the market. Im starting to lean towards driver issues, but im not for sure. Any ideas ? Intel C2D 6750 2.66ghz OC at 3.2ghz Ati 4870x2 with 8.10RC2 beta drivers 2GB Gskill 6400 Vista 32
  13. tier 0 110 pwnage As in tradition if you dont like metal......stfu because youll be listening to TestAment filefront better quality http://files.filefront.com/Formation+of+Damnation+004wmv/;10013471;/fileinfo.html youtube