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  1. u press j
  2. dam 80 fps with 41 ping... you should be dangerous
  3. I click the icon to bring the game up.. I click agree.. and instead of bringing up the menu to select campaign/ts a little box comes up that says battleground europe launcher has stopped working... just about 10min ago i counted it 82 times i tried to get into game and couldnt.. im so fed up this this piece of **** game unless there is a huge update coming up i will be leaving real soooon
  4. I need help again.. i reinstalled it again and im stil having the same issue.. Why is this game such a POS
  5. Rebooted and it is working now
  6. I did that and dble clicked the file..clicked allow for the program to run but its just been sitting here loading for ever..
  7. I uninstalled the game and attempted to reinstall but when i go to click on the file to run it from my mozilla downloads tab an error pops up that says A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. Script: chrome://global/content/bindings/general.xml:0 Any ideas? it says either continue or stop scrpit..both just close it
  8. i clicked on the battleground ICON 21 times and EVERYSINGLE time it says the battleground europe launcher has stopped working and closes... Is that another feature?? its very inconsiderate
  9. ALLFOR is a very fun squad just excess cursing but is a well rounded squad...
  10. Well it depends on what you like to do??tanks i would say 23rd..all around i would say allfor..just depends on what you like to do
  11. i did the reinstall and did 3 stuka sorites didnt crash on me...
  12. ok i am downloading it now
  13. yea i tryed spawning into givet also and ctd
  14. i just downloaded the new patch went into game selected my mission and right when i spawned in i ctd..
  15. SO my game has been crashing ALOT...people say only having 2 gigz of ram with a vista 32 bit OS wasent enough so i went out and bought 2 more gigz just put them in and tryed the game and it still....CRASHES....what now?? im at a total lost of what to try ive tried everything i just dont kno what to do anymore...