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  1. Probably because of the music... Great video Ghost!
  2. You recorded the singing? Going through it once was enough thankyouverymuch.... I almost turned back from escort duty!
  3. Good luck with your new squadron!
  4. Dump If you are interested in joining find one of the following people online(active core members at this moment). Hammered Sabot8 Tigger6 Hed Psycosis Kenchis Rambi You might try to contact Rebel357 but he is not right in the head so be careful! Tip, add to friends list! (.friend name).. or was it .friends?
  5. Flew a zero - did not strafe the airfield but managed to shoot down: - Enigma (took me 90 cannon, damn my aim) - Bonifatus (how many times did you spawn in?) - Hed (with me bbs into the cockpit) S! Axis, was nice to fly WITH you for a change... next time I will meet you above the harbour in a hawk!
  6. Dude, belgium and france? 95% of the battle was fought in the Netherlands....
  7. Looks like you can use some japanese escorts... ill spawn a 109E4
  8. Want to use the opp. to thank you for making this possible. It was a lot of fun. Perhaps next time we should have the escorts outnumber the RAF but let the RAF fly higher then 23k feet?
  9. Hurricane I - RTB (had to leave to eat, but gf decided to cook because I spend my time BOBbing with you guys ) 2 HE111 Shot down (Hastati and can't remember) Flew with Hammered 8 ship group, made contact east of Deal at 10 km / 30k feet with 109. Ignored and waited for bombers. Had one 109 nearly bouncing me after I dropped to 20k feet with only 800 rounds left. Evaded him by Split-S and RTBd
  10. Salvo, is that you carrying that bomb?