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  1. tra la la the forum bump
  2. and it's good night from him.
  3. srry ddn't see you in there - fixed
  4. Thanks for posting this - we were wondering where to get your memberlist from S! Vendetta mccory12 DocSuzuki Azael Tasmania Bluekill Firefly7 Jeremy Good ol' Georgia PvtJamoo victor2422 Slush evarella briscoe capfrank kage Mor0n ViiKumi FauxPas Corstaad Solid Shot Helsbane capacino54 secks Tharival Saladorm samri Repel7 Rotgut63 liamr guthrie55 kor Pilbrow bulldog friez1973 Loupvert scouter prpleangel dcdc Saxus shane21 noons ddogva Budabass neohp309 redkill Folkgren Grindy
  5. if you follow that link you'll find the downloads have been taken down, probably due to temaspeak releasing TS3. Also some of the versions of teamspeex don't play nice with intel macs. I've tested them and Version 1.0beta2 (r406) works with OSX 10.5 and 10.6. I repeat I have an archived copy if anyone wants it, just pm me.
  6. Teamspeak 3 for OSXis already out, but if anyone needs a teamspeak 2 client let me know - I archived the last working intel version of Teamspeex.
  7. yes alt-h is the eay to go for me.
  8. I just use Firefox with the User Agent Switcher installed. I set the UA to IE6 and it works though it mangles the officer sig URLS and will cause the browser to crash if I try to access other web pages without switching back to the default UA
  9. this bug is still present but even more awkward because I'm in HC and need to use way points a lot more thean ever before.