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  1. Yep this also is happening to me.
  2. I'm sorry to have to report this has happened again, this time I lost an engine due to direct fire and received a critical damaged as a result. I think this needs to be looked into.
  3. I know Doc was working on this and was recently fixed, thank you. I can now make it back to my airfield on one engine and still keep my aeorplane. This has been working fine for me since the fix but just now after bombing an active fb my aeroplane (Havoc) began to shake violently on my way back. The shaking ended with black smoke pouring out of my starboard engine and then it died. All three crew members were uninjured. When I despawned the aircraft was not reseved and a kill was credited to a flak28 from the FB I had been bombing. I thought I should bring this to your attention. Thanks & kind regards Vzed1