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  1. Fix: Allow an FMS to be moved by a ML as an infantryman once it has been originally set up via a truck. Being allowed to only place the FMS once with a truck is hurting infantry attacks (and decreasing overall player participation), because there are fewer FMS locations for people to spawn into, and once one is lost then it takes quite a bit of effort to replace it (if at all). I understand the theory that we are looking for the use of combined arms with a more persistent FMS set up only once with a truck, but that is simply not happening in reality. Most FMS setups are eliminated before armor arrives, and in many cases armor never arrives at all (even if the FMS survives for a bit), or the armor sets up elsewhere away from the FMS. The persistent non-movable FMS also leads to egregious camping. If the FMS could be moved by the ML then you will keep more infantry on the attack which will increase player participation by keeping the game interesting and reducing waiting times for players to spawn in on a good attack. It will also allow for much better placement of an FMS which will likewise enhance player participation because it will allow infantry to get into town much more quickly rather than spawning far out in the countryside where they are picked off easily (which is frustrating and causes players to lose interest). Again, I understand the combined arms theory, and the reason this feature was eliminated. But it is not working, and has made the game less fun. After not playing for a few years this was by far the most negative change in the game from when I left. I enjoy setting up an FMS for other players to use, but it is no fun when you finally get one set only to find that it is camped within minutes and now you can do notthing but delete it and go bring out another truck. That delay then causes players to lose interest and leave the game. Please reimplement this ability and at least give it a shot. We have already seen peak player participation numbers and the combined arms thing is not going to happen. At least with moveable FMS we can players happy and engaged, and try to keep the numbers from going back down to where they were. Feature: Proximity voice. So many new players have no idea what to do. This would really help.