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  1. You should go with a video card that has a good fill rate or something like that.
  2. Ok thanks
  3. Ok but what should i be looking for?
  4. Ok after the latest patch. My FPS droped so bad! I have a decent computer that will run the game smooth.. But latly it has just been pissing me off! I have a nvidia card and have my old card laying around collecting dust wich is a ATI 3450 Can i reinstall that into my computer even tho i have my nvidia card installed? The nvidia card is a 9800 gt 512mb DDR3 And the ati card is a ATI RADEON 3450 512 ddr2 My clock speed is 4 cores @ 2.2 6 gigs of ram And my nvidia card
  5. Remember if u upgrade your video card u must upgrade your PSU (power supply unit) And higher end cards make your computer hot!! I say get a program called speed fan and monitor your temp everytime u play BGE!
  6. dont have ATI card anymore im useing nvidia
  7. Ok do i reinstalled the whole game. And as i had trouble with just logging in for a couple of minutes it worked! But then when i was loading up the game and i get to the persona chooseing my game freezes and i cannot do anything and my curser will not move! ='(
  8. The monitor im useing is made by gateway and its a 24 inch.. and its real good.. but.. take note.. makesure ur graphics card can support ur monitor and game at the same time.. Meaning... u have ur nice 30 inch monitor but ur graphics card is working so hard to keep it up.. and at the same time u want to run the game.. i hope that makes sence...
  9. How about a D day....kinds like in saving pvt ryan but saveing pvt ben