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  1. Allied planes settings are wrong since 2001...while ANY other serious sim on the market has the right settings ! I mailed CRS asking them if they intended to do something about it. Meanwhile, their bias has made LW HC empty and we barely see 3 LW planes in the sky at prime-time. While they say they deseperatly need more subscribers, they keep slapping the face of any player willing to have fun in an Axis plane for more than a decade... But i guess they think they'll lose most of allied players using planes if so...tho, i really think they'd appreciate having a real challenge up there, by having the real settings. Whats the point fighting nerfed planes anyway...or flying über-planes,when you consider yourself as a good pilot : victories should be decided on your skills, not on biased armor settings. While most upgrades need time and money to show up in WWIIOL, this one could be done in a day and wouldnt need a Dollar. You talk about BBs being swallowed with zero effects, well on friday night i saw a Spit 1 take 70 x 20 mm cannon shells at less than 100meters and a DB7 take 30x20mm in the wing...with zero real damages of course.... Sad.
  2. Cant wait for CRS to review the force-fields equiped Allied fighter planes after the Axis LMG...
  3. So many things to fix before the LMGs...
  4. Friendly fire should only be ok IF the guy who "attacks" you (on purpose or not) dies if u die, or suffers same % of dmg than your vehicle. It kills realism, but thats the only way to avoid Free accounts TKillers, etc...
  5. Not desesperate at all. Btw, the "5 pages" are in a... 3 years thread ! Enjoy ur stay. S!
  6. Join the Axis Aces and have F U N !
  7. BuMp ! Join the Best up there !
  8. Good idea, Tom ! im in ! VR, -Wolf.
  9. Hey, Mo ! I found a new Avatar that suits you more !
  10. Always great to see a new Axis Squad forming : Good luck ! S! -Wolf.
  11. Big days : 200-250 max. Usual days : 80-130 max. TOE is guilty and exploded squads imho (i played in 2001 during 2.5 months with a different account). S! and wb.
  12. Join us and bring ur Schnaps bottle into the Panzer with u, we like that.