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  1. Ya that was a bit rough.....they rolled 4 towns and still going..... ;(
  2. Was just wondering if this is anything that can cause poor fps I happened to notice it a couple months ago but ignored it because everything has been working fine but i'm not sure what it is or the problem if any, S! Note:Only have my hard drive, cdr and video card hooked to my ps with no extras so don't understand why it's showing this, S!
  3. This should be a sticky!!!!!, maybe?
  4. Please read the full instructions on any of these programs as to not crash your system, i installed these a couple days ago and I just do the standard cleaning and my system is stable and a lot faster also helped on my FPS!!!. Note: If you have windows xp no problem just make sure you have a restore before you use them, on another note if you never have when you do a disk cleanup do you ever clear out all the system restore your computer has saved?, because over time it uses up alot of your hardrive. Advanced Windows Care: CCleaner: Startup Inspector for Windows: Another note on the windows startup inspector, please be careful with this one as well as I had to make no changes because I have very few programs on my system but some of you might have startup programs you don't need that's slowing your system down so read carefully before making any changes.
  5. Not sure if this will help or not but the one and only time I got this error I was told to uninstall my vid card then remove my vid card from the slot, clean the contacts and put it back in and reinstall the drivers after using driver cleaner pro, hope this helps cause it worked for me, never got it again,S! Note: Could also be possible you have something wrong with your system, just a thought.