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  1. It is very difficult to get success with that kind of invasion due to: 1) FMS only built by trucks, not infantry. This have made these kind of ops basically imposible with even numbers on sides. 2) Defenders do know what's going to happen. Huge advantage. They just need to have a bit of AIR superiority over the channel and sink the transports or, if one of those can unload and a FMS or two can be deployed, with the very limited armor support it would have it would be very easy to camp it/kill it. I don't say I don't like the idea, but I dont think its a doable scenario. Defenders would have it too easy. Maybe first line coast towns in the continent should have no flags in and make them no mans land battles?
  2. The whole game design is based on teamwork. If not, we are not talking about this game, we talk about a different one. If we begin to justify as "bad design" the things you cannot successful do all alone, we are taking a very different and risky path. CoD. All player should be able to lonewolfing at some level, but even lonewolfs have to take in account what OTHERS are doing and adapt to that context, even in no need of communicating with them. That's what the design have to respect. More than that it is asking for too much. There gotta be things that HAVE to need a teamwork effort.
  3. I did not say those things were good. I said now it is IMPOSIBLE to legit kill an AO busting an FB. Between what we had then and we have atm, there has to be a middle ground, don't you think?
  4. Hehehe, when you take some distance, you can see how volatile this community can be in its opinions... I was NOT a FMS supporter, and I won't say "I told you", but let's face some real facts. - FMS came to break the "ghost armies" spawning behind your lines and bla bla bla. Now sometimes it happens the same, but FMS is tougher. - They suposed to be the new core for building "old school" ZOCS again and promote the "combined arms" and "teamwork" from "old days" etc. etc. Is this really happening? Maybe it is more a desire than a fact atm. - With FMS, no more "one grenade for killing an AO" or "one LMG clip for ruining the fun" or "one fighter pass and all is ruined" problem. Now in theory we have a strong position for building a tactical frontline... I understood back in the day people were asking for this.. Now I no longer know because I read complaints about FMS are too hard to kill so there's no more alternative than camping it... ????? - Also, no more annoying Zookas on sneaky ezmode killing armor. Maybe this is "fixed" now, but still armor dies because it is still playing alone and too close to towns. But that's a different story. - Also, no more 3 guys sneaking on an FB, blowing it and therefore ofc the AO too. ANd with the new fb damage model, basically now is imposible to kill an AO busting the FB, so we eliminated a tactical op. that were a part of the game. Maybe we made it poorer? FMS came a reality for more reasons, but those were the greatest. Now some former cheerleaders of them are ranting to the heavens because they are broken. Well, people is on his right to change their views, ofc, no problem with that. But some people is not analyzing facts carefully. It seems that all of the sudden the good things that came with FMS are no longer an advantage... Well, FMS they are not broken or bad designed. What is broken is not (again) the system we use, it is the population (numbers are back to normal again pre Steam, 2 AOs, max 3, and not always, at prime time), and the players attitude/gameplay. PLAYERS HAVE NOT ADAPTED AT ALL TO THE CHANGE. At all. They blame the tool when the problem relies on them. People is still using the FMS in the SAME WAY they used the former FRUS. Exactly the same. So, ofc, fail big time. Nowadays, 90% of MLs set FMS with a lonely truck, like before. NO heavy atg towing, now INF on the truck, no light armor on escort. That happened with FRUs also. Problem now is bigger than before because it takes like 2min to set the FMS and you are heared from 1,5km out. So ofc, if defenders are vet and smart enough: a) You are dead before you finish the setting up. b ) You are practically exact-marked so expect to be prettey camped soon. But still most of FMS are set the same way again. We think that a lonely and undefended trucker will do the job... Oh, well. My squad is gone, but during the first 2 weeks after Steam launch we were like 5 or 6 vets online. I didn't allow to set an FMS without at least INF on the truck and atg towed. During those days, every of our FMS were a success. Allies took more than one town thanks to our FIRST fms. This is not chest thumping at all. Is a fact. We didn't allow our FMS to be exposed from minute 1. That's all. Because setting an FMS should be a squad/team work, not a TRUCKER task... And that being said, I think we never should have eliminated the INF FRUs. I still think they can co-live with FMS. Just cut the supply it can be spawned (only rifles!) in them and most of the "problems" they had could be fixed. Anyway, what it seems we are not recognizing in our deep is that the community, in general, went lazy. Or not enough veterans are leading the thing on "old school mode" as it was stated it was to happen... Or squads are completely gone or are so short in numbers that are completely ineffective. That is what is broken, not the FMS nor the FRU. Numbers (especially experienced ones) and teamwork is what make whatever system work or not. We are COMPLETELY lacking of this nowadays.
  5. It is something like Jesuschrist Warping Brigade System. Mata could tell you better for sure.
  6. Great job Propa! I especially like that one.
  7. bread and circuses!!!!!!!
  8. LOOOL
  9. Hola, Sé que últimamente hay muchos jugadores probando el WWIIOL (o volviendo a él) y que no hablan bien inglés. Si alguno de vosotros necesitáis que os echemos una mano en vuestro idioma, podéis contactarme o pedir ayuda en este hilo. Suerte y disfrutad! (Help in Spanish /// Hello, I do know these days we can see a good bunch of new guys trying the game (or coming back to it) who don't have english as mother tongue. So if anyone of you need any support in your own language, please get in touch with me or ask for help in this thread. Good luck and enjoy!)
  10. Hola a todos, y bienvenidos novatos y veteranos retornados! Si os estáis enganchando al juego ahora, sois bienvenidos a uniros a nuestra unidad y, con ello, vuestra inmersión será ya total. Somos una squad muy veterana, con muchas campañas encima, y podemos ayudar a cualquiera que necesite entender el juego o recuperar el tacto con el mismo. Para empezar, estáis invitados a uniros a nuestro canal de DISCORD: Aquí tenéis nuestra web, donde podéis encontrar información útil, sobre todo si os registráis en el foro. E incluso si queréis ver algunos vídeos de nosotros en plena acción, podéis daros un paseo por nuestro canal oficial de Youtube!! Si os queréis unir a nuestras filas, ya sabéis donde hacerlo. ¡Y en vuestro idioma! Saludos!
  11. Hey Stankyus, thanks for your comment. I had no chance to go further on my considerations, but I did not say anywhere the goal were to capture 10% of the whole Steam users... I was talking about the guys who is trying it or will. I guess we agree that we will be very far from getting the 10% of platform users getting in here, which it would be 12,5 millions... What are my expectations? I don't think WWIIOL can have more than 10-12k new accounts per year at max. And among those ones, I have the feeling that not more than 10% of them will become a suscriber. In summary, 1000-1200 suscribers per year at max. That would be, for me, a success, giving our circumstances, the state of the game etc. etc. Maybe another % can stay as F2Ps, as esporadically players. But I don't think that will happen massively at all. If you don't like this game, you leave it. If you like it, you stay and pay for it in most of cases we know. At the moment, if we trust in Steam numbers tracker, these calculations are being surpassed, and that is normal. During the rollout and the next weeks we will have a good amount of new accounts showing up for having a look, but that "launch" effect will not last for long. In fact, we are already seeing a slowly reduction of the peak numbers from the 5th until today, and that trend will probably keep that way. And let's don't consider this as a pesimistic comment, I think it is natural and expectable. So, with that Steam premiere effect spent sooner or later (inexistent for the following years), I think that 10-12k Steam accounts per year is a realistic scenario. Or less.