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  1. I know most of the team is volunteering and has RL jobs. But if you could guys kick off a bit earlier it would be much apreciated, or we are denying Euros to participate on it. Doable to anticipate 2 hours maybe?
  2. I broke my right hand 10 days ago, not easy to type, but I had to log in here just to show I trust in Rats. Keep it up.
  3. So we want to make the caps even harder. Right. If we think we are living on a stalemate now, wait to see if we deploy things like this... Please, no.
  4. Maybe I am tired after a tough week and all but, yes, I felt a bit disrespected and I dont see the reasons for throwing now comments about the small squads... I demand to be more cautious when saying some things. Please.
  5. Yes I do know your policy on this. Legit, it's ok. I think you are mistaken tho. Former FRUS had well known problems, but also their good things. Plus, what I say is limit them to bolt rifle supply. So game breaker? It seems we try to pretend that stealth actions had no place during the war (as simply as recon squads e.g) or noone on the PB like them. Both things are way false. And some of us don't propose the stealth mode or "avoid action" to be the main way to play the game, but it should be an option too. Not sure why but sometimes instead of add (or just let) options to the players, we are removing them. Btw, just for the record I want to remember that the FRU vs FMS question had the community completely splited. Anyway you are working hard on the game and most of us apreciate that. Respects.
  6. Not a complain, just sharing opinions. I was probably the first person of sharing feedback about the new long cap timers, when they got in game in #148. Thread in Barracks. And I think the same than then: we have no numbers nor game mecanichs for these so long timers. Plus it gives big advantages for defenders when numbers are even. And this is why we are living this stalemate, which for some people is being BORING. We all don't want to see Tz3 breaking and ruining maps, me too ofc. But we passed from basically 1-2 minutes timers (even during the STEAM launch), to what we have now. We went from one extreme to another. It has to be a middle territory, hasn't it? Need this to be tweaked a bit, imho. If no, oh well, I adapt as always. But let's dont start tagging opinions as complaints, please. CRS usually asks for feedback. This is one.
  7. Yes, imo cap timers must be cut. These ones are extremely long.
  8. What we need is inf-FRUS back, with rifle supply only, co-living with current FMS.
  9. It's good to see the good talent coming back from time to time. Good old names mentioned.
  10. And who are you, kid?
  11. Silky, Game (equipment) overall is balanced. I always keep that as a fact. I played both sides enough in long runs for being very sure about that. I see the big picture ok. BUT That's not incongruent with another fact: the AIR branch, especially the bombers, has the axis in clear disadvantage. Numbers (stats) say that and ANY vet around know that just from first hand experience. Does it deny them to win maps? Of course not. Because maps are won basically on the ground and population is always the key factor.
  12. I have to agree. I am sure it is good and fun adding new stuff, but the dead from above it's being too drastic... Been tanking these days in tier 3 and well, it is tough. Specially with no numbers in LW.
  13. Why on earth so much hate? OMG. This game was on the f*cking GRAVE two years ago. Now it's far from perfect but at least it is breathing. Stuff happening. And people raging for MINOR details. Sometimes we don't deserve a POS. Good job @XOOMand @OHM and the rest of the team on the changes. I don't like these so long cap timers because they don't fit at all with my playing style, but those dinamyc changes and one more div could help. Let's see. Worth the try.
  14. And btw it is getting very old this kind of threads where the cheerleaders of any side ask/whine about nerf this, bias that. And I see this thread becoming this very soon. Seriously. Every vet who had played constantly and significatively on both sides over the years DO KNOW that equipment is PERFECTLY competitive for allies and axis. Ofc there are pieces superior to their counterparts, but then other ones will be the opposite. So, in general, what we have is balance. And yes, some fixes or audits could be welcome here and there, but in general we are ok. The guys who don't see this, it is because they don't want to see it. That is the real bias. Maps are won because of numbers and moral. And for the human factor (mistakes, risks well taken, etc.).