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  1. Why on earth so much hate? OMG. This game was on the f*cking GRAVE two years ago. Now it's far from perfect but at least it is breathing. Stuff happening. And people raging for MINOR details. Sometimes we don't deserve a POS. Good job @XOOMand @OHM and the rest of the team on the changes. I don't like these so long cap timers because they don't fit at all with my playing style, but those dinamyc changes and one more div could help. Let's see. Worth the try.
  2. And btw it is getting very old this kind of threads where the cheerleaders of any side ask/whine about nerf this, bias that. And I see this thread becoming this very soon. Seriously. Every vet who had played constantly and significatively on both sides over the years DO KNOW that equipment is PERFECTLY competitive for allies and axis. Ofc there are pieces superior to their counterparts, but then other ones will be the opposite. So, in general, what we have is balance. And yes, some fixes or audits could be welcome here and there, but in general we are ok. The guys who don't see this, it is because they don't want to see it. That is the real bias. Maps are won because of numbers and moral. And for the human factor (mistakes, risks well taken, etc.).
  3. For instance? And why do you think that will help the allies more than axis? Because if you propose this as a revulsive for the allies, I guess you are thinking it won't have any impact on the axis side... I am curious. Not sure if restricting the access to missions will help anybody with the current state of things, specially with the greentags around. They are way less than during the Steam launch, but they are still there in a significative amount.
  4. Mistake! (Unfortunately) Forums are funnier than the game itself for the most part of the day, especially if you are in the EU timeframe.
  5. They only way to have balance on supply is if the squad just manage a portion of the total brigade/town supply, not an extra supply. But this introduces a lot of problems too. I don't see this clear either.
  6. Lol top story.
  7. Just curious, What would happen with the players that are not in a Squad? Me, for instance.
  8. This is quite accurate. My vision too. I played several hours pre and after Euro midnight and it was fun. We had a risky one town cut snake (in more than one place btw) and we sweat several times for not getting cut ourselves. Allies didn't reacted at all when they had to, they paid the bill. At least when I was online, forces were basically even and we had towns contested here and there. A fun session for me. Later I can imagine TZ3 just sofcaped and hold the cut, but the main job was done way before that. In this case, this was not a TZ3 easy roll to my eyes. Anyway, 24 earlier I saw a lot of axis complaining about the map done and bla bla bla. Everyboy thought axis had the short part of the stick this time after the allied start. But then this happened. And this is the best part of having movable supply on the map. Scenarios can change, things can happen. The human factor of command takes place and that is how it should be. Some of you guys would hate the predictable game we would have if we had a plain and simple town-based suppy (which, btw, won't avoid massive rolls, don't be silly). Fortunately, we still have some extra flags to move. I hope they have an important role.
  9. This is 100% correct. There're another mistakes in the table tho.
  10. @scotsman
  11. LOL Dfadd is good, no doubt. That aside, most of times the N adventure does not work properly for the allies. 60 or 70% of the times, if the axis dont overpanic or overreact (it depends on how experienced is their MOIC), the allies don't gain much, even it can become a problem for them, causing an overstretched line not easy to manage and exposing the center, were most of maps are solid won. It is not simple as going on a softcap spree to the factories with, most of times, one or two divisions only. YOu cannot go far with that without widen the gap or reconect the fronline. I did not see this case, but I doubt it had been very different to other times. So I don't know what you expected. And an advise: this kind of thread does not help your cause.
  12. I am thankful to CRS this time for trying out something new. I think this has been a good experience and I encourage CRS to keep being proactive in studying and working the terrain stuff and all other aspects of the game. It's been a different, fresh view of the game. We are lacking of this nowadays so this has been ok. I gotta agree tho that the map view has to be better finished. Too bright and harder to read. I'd put this winter setup regularly to keep adjusting it.
  13. I don't know why you say I demand a "new" MS. I suggest to bring back the former FRU as it was, but with 2 basic modifications: - Allow them to be set inside buldings - Restrict the supply you can spawn in to regular rifles. With those changes you gain a different type of MS, less campable than the FMS is atm, you give the buildings we have ingame (completely and massively underused, btw) and you fix one of the most commented inconvenients the FRUS had: that you could use RPATs and the full list of auto weapons if you set the FRU from AB. That was seen like a sort of game breaker but if you restrict the pool to rifles, adding now the super long cap timers we have, the impact of the inf-FRU would be way inferior than it was in the past. And that's quite clear to me. And to confirm, yes: I don't see the issues you see. We have different visions, As simple as that. Bridges, rivers etc. are minor things to me. THE MOST of the towns on the map do NOT have them. Anyway, with exceptions, I don't see a clear boost on their importance since the FMS is in, and I am actively playing since then. So, gonna we justify the FMS as the best option just for that? Insuficient to my understanding. Same for the point: I check an area with armored car and saw anything so it is gamey if it was no actually clear. WEll, check better next time or stay longer. Similar to that so hated scenario for some people: I cleared and area of FRU and some eis but then they rebuild the FRU there again or somewhere in a different place: ok, keep watching, patroling, checking flags. Is it so hard? So terrible? I don't see it that way. Again: especially if we hipotheticaly talk about only regular rifles spawning in. And no, I didn't say to add is always good and to remove is always bad. That's not my thinking at all. I was refering to this topic especifically, assuming the former INF-FRU was not such a bad idea. It only needed changes and it could complement the FMS perfectly. But fair enough if you, or others, think the opposite. I do know I am on the minority tranche here.