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  1. Hola, Sé que últimamente hay muchos jugadores probando el WWIIOL (o volviendo a él) y que no hablan bien inglés. Si alguno de vosotros necesitáis que os echemos una mano en vuestro idioma, podéis contactarme o pedir ayuda en este hilo. Suerte y disfrutad! (Help in Spanish /// Hello, I do know these days we can see a good bunch of new guys trying the game (or coming back to it) who don't have english as mother tongue. So if anyone of you need any support in your own language, please get in touch with me or ask for help in this thread. Good luck and enjoy!)
  2. Hola a todos, y bienvenidos novatos y veteranos retornados! Si os estáis enganchando al juego ahora, sois bienvenidos a uniros a nuestra unidad y, con ello, vuestra inmersión será ya total. Somos una squad muy veterana, con muchas campañas encima, y podemos ayudar a cualquiera que necesite entender el juego o recuperar el tacto con el mismo. Para empezar, estáis invitados a uniros a nuestro canal de DISCORD: Aquí tenéis nuestra web, donde podéis encontrar información útil, sobre todo si os registráis en el foro. E incluso si queréis ver algunos vídeos de nosotros en plena acción, podéis daros un paseo por nuestro canal oficial de Youtube!! Si os queréis unir a nuestras filas, ya sabéis donde hacerlo. ¡Y en vuestro idioma! Saludos!
  3. Hey Stankyus, thanks for your comment. I had no chance to go further on my considerations, but I did not say anywhere the goal were to capture 10% of the whole Steam users... I was talking about the guys who is trying it or will. I guess we agree that we will be very far from getting the 10% of platform users getting in here, which it would be 12,5 millions... What are my expectations? I don't think WWIIOL can have more than 10-12k new accounts per year at max. And among those ones, I have the feeling that not more than 10% of them will become a suscriber. In summary, 1000-1200 suscribers per year at max. That would be, for me, a success, giving our circumstances, the state of the game etc. etc. Maybe another % can stay as F2Ps, as esporadically players. But I don't think that will happen massively at all. If you don't like this game, you leave it. If you like it, you stay and pay for it in most of cases we know. At the moment, if we trust in Steam numbers tracker, these calculations are being surpassed, and that is normal. During the rollout and the next weeks we will have a good amount of new accounts showing up for having a look, but that "launch" effect will not last for long. In fact, we are already seeing a slowly reduction of the peak numbers from the 5th until today, and that trend will probably keep that way. And let's don't consider this as a pesimistic comment, I think it is natural and expectable. So, with that Steam premiere effect spent sooner or later (inexistent for the following years), I think that 10-12k Steam accounts per year is a realistic scenario. Or less.
  4. I don't care about this map results. Who win or loses would not matter at all atm. So I would have been ok if they had decided to reset the map. BUT I see no other option than starting it in Tier 3 anyway. If you think it is remotely appealing to use a Tier 0 stuff, well it is your opinion but.... You are wrong. :-) Regarding vets smashing greentags: it would be EXACTLY the same in Tier 0, because it's a matter of "know how" (to play, to camp, to exploit the advantages...), not of equipment.
  5. Interesting thread, good thougths from everybody. I have no time atm for writting a wall of text, so my bullet points would be: 1) The day this game becomes P2W or go into the microtransactions model, with impact in the equiptment, so players cannot be potencially equally competitive, I quit inmediatly. Inmediatly. Same would happen with my whole squad and with the vast majority of the folks I know here. I don't believe at all in this as a solution, and I think I am not alone in this. 2) We all have memories from the past. Very well. Most of the things people remember are still posible to see ingame NOWADAYS. I still live moments like in the past at times. But probably you won't watch them if you just log in 30min from time to time. 3) If we could catch 10% of the Steam guys who will try the game during the next months, would be a success. That would be hundreds of new players. Then focus would be make them new suscribers. In my opinion, new Steam prices would never be further than 7,99$ or so, for a total access. Only we the vets will keep paying 17 or 30 bucks/m. I honestly don't see a new suscriber dropping that for WWIIOL. But I don't know if CRS can afford lowering the prices or what is the Steam role about this, I guess they want their share too... 4) I created a F2P from Steam and went through the tutorial for trying to help the new guys. It's a pain in the *ss. But in the other hand I understand that a minimal guide is needed. Maybe it can be more brief and simple (get rid of the HUD part, it is not needed actually; eliminate the armor part etc.). Maybe tutorial could be designed as optional tips showing up directly ingame in campaign server, in small screens or tabs, depending on what unit you spawn in. I don't know. But the main matter here is: if CRS can know the % of players who don't even pass the tutorial and get in the real game and it is higher than 25%-30%, maybe the tutorial would have to go optional and not mandatory. 5) There's once a dream that was WWIIOL. Well, still is. For most of us here it always sounded like the eternal promise... But there isn't ANYTHING like this out there. So we still have to believe in it. I respect those who decided to abandon the ship, they have their reasons. But that bring us to nowhere. I think the new team is doing a vast and great job. I am not always fully aligned with their concepts and decisions, but I have to respect how hard they are trying... So if they are on it, I cannot give up now.
  6. You shared a lot with me in the recent past. I am not a full time pilot at all, I stay with my ground stuff, but I still make my sorties for fun and it is thank to you and others that I progressed in a good way. So the incoming rookies can be sure that your blog will worth a read. So, good luck with it.
  7. OMG... Im so sorry to read this... Rest in peace.
  8. With the best of my tones, let me say : I don't know if it could be fair if my "hope" were to see the town-based supply supporters to manually spawn their toys from rear/flank towns and not using the fresh supply from AB when a new flag comes into the town... According to this way of thinking of measuring the people's coherence, that should be their only way to act ingame, isn't it? I've always been cautious with that line of argumentation, and I advise everyone to be so. Because facts or events are not always the best way to rank the validity of a point/argument. Points or ideas are valid/invalid by themselves in most of the cases. It's like asking players who could agree the Matty is an almost unkillable SOB to never use it ingame; or refusing to use the zookas/shrecks because they are meant to be killing the tanking game; or not to warp to a CP because is magic and "unrealistic"; or not flying RAF because it is supousdely the easy mode... I can understand your/their opinion is different than mine in this or that matter, whatever, but that's different than what the game offers and, factually, allow us to choose to do. Same applies to HC/TOEs. Because being HC or not is an option, not a mandatory action, and that is aside any opinion about TOEs. And just in case: not playing the game atm but my HC service record for the good of this game has always been more than filled, imho.
  9. The post of the day.
  10. Never said these changes would fix all the problems, but it would make the system and frontline more STABLE than now, for sure. And maybe if we have that, we will have more numbers in HC. Does not worth a try at least? Anyway, town based supply is not the magic solution for the "rolls" either... That's a pop imbalance/numbers problem. That's not about on the supply system, imo.
  11. Kinda shocked with this news. TOEexit stoped???? :-D Nah, talking seriously, I am not playing the game, no time for it but tbh I don't feel the call to catch me back. Still supporting it with my account tho. Call me naive, but I see this situation like a good momentum for remaking the TOEs, not getting rid on them entirely. As @Capcosaid somewhere in this long thread and in some others where we shared ideas, maybe the good call from the begining would have been make adjustements to the current system and not going straigth into a revolution. Maybe it was a bridge to far? Maybe we set too high expectations? - Adjust resupply timers - Adjust flag moves timers (we need longer ones, front and backlines). - Deny flag stacking forbiding moving more flags into an active DO (this, btw, would encourage the use of flank towns supply) - Recode the fallback mecanichs to a point&click system for avoiding a lot of long and tedious moves (make managing the map easier for everyone, less intimidating, and maybe more people will step in for HC) - etc. etc. ... And many other ideas are, imho, some good starting solutions for fixing some of the problems the TOEs have. I always was for trying these changes and monitor the outcomes closely before just go backwards to a pure town-based suppy system. Which, btw, had their flaws in the past too. Make adjustements first and see if system runs better and population (including HC the one) is more healthy. I'd bet for adding more content and fixes in every aspect of the game. I´d focus on adding, not removing. I don't say CRS must abandon their plan. It is their plan and I respect it and I will stay with them despite I don't see the move as a good one (my subscription will always be there). But maybe we are facing a good chance for rethinking about a genuine, AFFORDABLE and realistic TOEs updrade. Or even better: revisit the alternative I'd glad to see like a real one some day: an hybrid system, where all the towns on the map would have their based supply but we would also have movable flags with extra supply for making every map strategically unique. I don't see any other future than this, tbh. I cannot understand WWII ONLINE without that strategic layer. Tactics and field leadership are ok, but this game was more than that. Let's don't give up on that... Please. See ya guys, at least from time to time.
  12. I have screens somewhere of russians flags too, in the campaign server. Chinese too. You can see them from time to time randomly.