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  1. I'd say this is quite incorrect. But respectfully I'd like to hear/read further details about this, because maybe I missed it.
  2. Im not playing the game atm, so maybe my view is unvalid,, but I still read forums. Cannot stop wondering why all this experiments with the supply with the 1.36 knocking on the doors... I dont see the momentum tbh. And I dont think this was a PB demand, or was it? Not a prioririty one for sure...
  3. On the contrary, imho. In my experience, MP40 is weak on CQB, way more inefective than its allied counterparts. That's what I hate about MP40 when I play axis, and that's why axis love now the IT SMG, because it fills that role. MP40 is decent at medium range tho, I think. At least when you got the touch with it.
  4. More fake news. It's being said that it will effect the 3 proper LMGs ingame.
  5. Top #5 ridiculous post of the year. Wow.
  6. Always said LMGs should not be allowed to fire when running. At most, when walking. Use zooka/shreck model of perfomance (allow them to sprint only with pistol too). And yes, dispersion should be terrible from the hip. That been said, If I were CRS, I would wait to make these changes happen. This has been wrong for such a long time that wait a bit longer cannot harm. Let's have the full small arms audit ready and the new support weapons prepared to be added and then I'd implement the changes all in one patch. For me, that would have more sense than acting now only in the lmgs (which it will effect more drastically on the axis lmg, because it plays a role than the allied counterparts don't do at all).
  7. No more strategic layer for the game, just tactics. Officials will have to say another thing but it is what it is to my eyes. I will miss what flags represented. Having no strategic layer is ok for a lot of people, I understand, but not for my taste. I will definatly step down from HC once 1.36 is in. My personal choice. I won't be needed. I guess dozens or hundreds are hungry of joining in with new the system so the fun should be guaranteed.
  8. Whatever, My bet is: nobody will do resupply missions, or its impact will be very limited. Just look at the numbers we have ingame. Be realistic. We will use the supply available in town and period. That is what it will happen mostly. At least for 20 of 24h a day unless we see massive changes on population (we all desire this, I wish it could happen). No numbers for using this system in its 100% capabilities.
  9. All looks fine. Good job! Wonder when will it be online and if it will require better PC specs for playing the game or effect the perfomance. This might be relevant for a part of the community.
  10. This kind of threads bores me immensely...
  11. They are called "toxic people".
  12. Joined in early 2009 to the 1st Spanish Company - 1SC. Do you remember it? Back in that day the spanish community was VERY important. Huge numbers and huge epic fights against the 250h. But I enlisted when the squad was in a disband process due to the main leaders stoping playing the game a year earlier. But some of their trainers taught me the basics and I am what I am today in well part thanks to 1SC. Such a good unit that they just let it die... Shame. :-( Then 22SAS was created and was all my life in WWIIOL. We managed to were a really decent medium size spanish-speaking squad, mixing old 1SC vets with new guys. So good old memories. But good things, again, seems to be so tough to mantain. :-(
  13. You have the skin too thin. You should have seen how was the former team. Been playing this game almost 10 years. Some people for 20 years. Coming here with none knowledge about the history of this product and throwing lectures here and there is quite gutsy from your part, don't you think? So don't expect claps. I don't always agree with CRS decisions, but they are trying hard and have a plan. We didn't have any of that 2 years ago. Let them work.