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      Need help for incoming players.   04/29/2017

      With the looming Steam release, we are anticipating many new players to the game. This is great for all of us, and it's important that we retain as many as we can. With that in mind, we'd like to enlist players to help with the inevitable questions asked in the forums. Ideally, gameplay questions are asked and answered in-game, but it's not always easy or convenient to answer questions while playing. A Gameplay Support Forum would be a good place for those who want to help. We are now accepting volunteers for the Rat Patrol, who will provide correct and consistent info to new players in the Forums. The more new players we retain, the better it is for the game and the biggest hurdle in player retention is grasping the complexities of this game. If you are interested, send me a PM.  
    • Dodger

      Squad Leaders Contact GVONPAUL OR Dodger for Squad Forums   05/18/2017


      We are seeking Squad Leaders to volunteer their squads to help us test the upcoming Squad Forums system. This system will integrate squads who wish to participate into a self-sustained "forum within a forum." You will be able to add members to your squad, assign permissions, and create forums/calendar events on your own. The idea behind this system is part of our commitment to support squads as a integral part of our community. This service will be offered free of charge to all squads of World War II Online upon launch. Our goal is to offer all of the services a squad off-site forum can offer but free of charge and tied in to our existing forum service. So what do you need tested? We need willing volunteers to test the whole system - make forums, post threads, assign permissions, etc. The idea is to have several squads giving it a test run to point out any flaws before we launch it publicly. What are the requirements? We are ideally looking for medium to large squads - Ideally ten people or so plus, but smaller squads feel free to apply - and a willingness to use our platform. It's important to note (as of now - these may be included at a later date) we are unable to convert posts from a private forum if your squad previously used one, and you (or your XO's and recruiters) will need to assign individual members permissions. It is entirely possible that in the future this system will be automatically linked to the game's squad roster, but as of now developer priorities are elsewhere (1.37 and steam, w00t!) How do I sign up? PM me ( @Dodger ) on the forums, or email me at dodger@playnet.com - Please indicate your squad name and how many members you have. I will get back to you with more instructions.


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  1. I have screens somewhere of russians flags too, in the campaign server. Chinese too. You can see them from time to time randomly.
  2. First time I checked you could not explode a tank with a grenade I thought: Ok, this is THE game. I cannot stop playing it since then.
  3. I perfectly understand the reasons behind the change and me and my squad support them. Good move.
  4. what??!!! Wow. I am still learning but that sounds way too much for me...
  5. Terrain would be massive, as new kind of capturable buildings. We need more CP variety... they are terribly boring after all these years. Dream is for free, isn't it?
  6. I am very sorry to read this. RIP hvyoutput. My condolences to Hastien.
  7. Thanks for sharing your view with such a detail. It's useful for the current underway discussion about how to retain the new players. Unfortunately, I can understand the frustration and bad first impression you recieve when you land to this game in the state it is now. We have seen better days, for sure. Yes, game is not well populated. For that reason is very important to try to get to the correct missions at the correct moment. This is not easy to understand under the first look so I would recommend to get in a squad (im sure more than one axis squad will jump on this thread and offer you its help), with vets around, who will share with you how to find action. I have the feeling also that you got ingame during offpeak hours (Time Zone 3, aka Tz3). For the last few years, game is hurting in that timeframe with very low population, which in addition is very unstable and switches sides frequently, so the unbalance is terrible. In essence, there are so few players than the game is not perfoming as it would do. So my advise to you, aside getting in an ACTIVE squad, is trying the game in US prime time (evening there). Your chances of watching the game working nearer as it used to be are there. Plus, at the moment, the current campaign could be considered quite broken since allies broke the line 2 or 3 days ago. What you were seeing now are the consecuences of that: axis side moral diving and not many people willing to fight hard. I am not putting excuses. The game is not in its better point, but I felt that I should make these points to you. This aside, game has been improving in a lot of areas since a new management and development team is leading this. In one year they have added good stuff and more incoming, and they are trying to fix a code which it had not been patched for years. I cannot ask you to stay if you are not happy here. But I would recommend you to keep an eye on this place. "Soon" we gonna be on Steam (it is the first priority atm) and we have hopes to see the game more healthy in population terms. Maybe you can give WWIIOL a second chance.
  8. No please, no need of that. Thanks for your time. Apreciated. At least is white and not pink LOL.
  9. No, still the white theme. I loged off and restarted the browser, just in case. And still white. And no theme menu button either. I don't know what's going on, hehe. Don't waste too much time on this, dude. Thanks anyway. I will get used I guess. :-D
  10. On a further note. I browse better but still take ages to post.
  11. Negative, sir. Still white.
  12. I understand. But I don't see the way to do it. Btw, maybe instead of this agressive white, could we try a grey or something less drastic than pure and simple white?
  13. I don't have that drop down menu at the bottom of the page. All I have is a "Contact us" link... I dislike this white. I almost need sunglasses
  14. Yes. And I am more than convinced the probem is on the OS updates. Restart solves the problem in part for me. But after some sorties, I start losing FPS again until I have to restart again.