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  1. Again with the bottom line.. If we understood why the veteran players stay and what P them off we wouldn't have considered free to play because we wouldn't need them.
  2. Don't know what you mean by "a fair bit" but I see it everyday, spies are hard to catch but I see everything else I just described every day now. It's an ongoing joke among those of us who play a lot. In fact we were hoping for friendly fire to be put in so we could deal with it ourselves.
  3. If you stop worrying about the bottom line, and dance with the girl that you brung, you wouldn't have to worry about the bottom line. Lot of veteran players have been po'd and left by stupid stuff they never asked for.
  4. I can't think of a single time lately which a F2P player has NOT lessened my gaming experience. Whether it's spawning in at your fms and shooting at you, giving away your position after working very hard to get a truck out to just the right spot and dying several times doing it, or spawning in and coming to the spawn depot you are guarding and throwing smoke and nadeing you, or running into an fb shooting at everything that moves letting defenders know you are there and ruining the attack, or whether it's the 2nd accounts logging in just long enough to hear you side chat and...well you know. Most veteran players play the game to win, or why even play?
  5. Free to play is ruining the game... If you can't see that I can't help.
  6. A very welcome change TBH, and I have played both sides extensively, probably more Axis than Allies, I’m max rank infantry bothe sides and you don’t get that unless you play both sides. This will affect all lmgs’ as stated. Why is that a deal breaker?
  7. Ok Thanks!
  8. Question... Haven't played much in a good while, I have an account that is max rank but due to unsubbing and not playing for a good while I wound up with a free rifle account which I have been playing from time to time. If I up to the starter account ($7.99) with this account will it bump me down in rank or will it leave that as it is while the tools will be limited to starter level?
  9. The single most annoying "ahem" feature in the game. It makes players log sometimes , even unsub ...smart. But you won't take it out. mind numbing. I can't count the times I have logged after driving for long periods and setting the perfect ms only to be killed by an ai that had been destroyed. Or worse killed inside a bunker by an ai that can shoot through brick walls. Single dumbest feature in the game bar none. May it die a slow painful death if numbers ever get high enough. A robot that can see through and shoot through walls in the game that boast of realism..seriously
  10. "You dont have to be winning to have fun." Yeah I know, of course that is so true. But when the numbers are so overwhelming when people "take a break" it begins to not be so fun getting run over for days and days. I guess it's time for me to "take a break"
  11. True, But I noticed no one addressed the question I posed as to in game populations at this point in a campaign as opposed to early in a campaign when the outcome has basically been decided. Is the rare possibility of a turnaround worth players logging off in boredom? I don't know if that is even the case, not familiar with where to check those stats, but I can't believe that is good for the game to have players logging off and just waiting for the next campaign.
  12. I don't know how to make it better, What I do know is I have little interest in playing at this point. I wonder how many players are experiencing the same feeling. Is that a good thing for the game? I did seriously consider for a moment switching sides just to help put the thing out of it's misery and move on to the next campaign. I wonder how many players thought the same thing....
  13. Not sure B2K, it does seem to me however that the pop drops considerably during the times like the current campaign. I think some players switch to the winning side just to put the poor thing out of its misery and look forward to the next map. Is lower player population a good thing for the game? If that is not in fact the case then my point is void.
  14. Maybe adjusting what constitutes a victory in that less of the map is required to decide the victor. In each map regardless of the side which is winning, when it gets to the point where it is in the current campaign frustration sets in and players in numbers stop logging in and just look forward to the next campaign. I could be wrong but check the pop logged in at the map's current state as compared to the pop during times when the war could go either way. This map has already been decided obviously and many players lose interest at this point.
  15. Not accomplishing much playing lone wolf. Would like to hook up with a small squad that is defense oriented and special ops. Also enjoy the fb wars. I am an old school vet returning after a long hiatus. Most of my playing time has been with Axis but am committed to playing the Allied persona for the foreseeable future. Also, is there a squad that doesn't require team speak that would be interested in recruiting me? I play mid morning and afternoon mostly central standard time. Thanks for any feedback.