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  1. We Need CRS personal in Allied TS, the game is having an issue !!!!
  2. I have an interesting problem happening. When I bring up the Map in game (hit the "M" key), my Text Chat box zips to the middle right side of my screen, almost competely off screen, then when I close the Map the chat box stays, I have to reopen the Map and drag the chat box back to the default location. Is there some way to lock teh chat box so that it doesn't move, or is this a legimate bug ??? Thanks for you help.
  3. Ummmm, not to be a twit, but don't you need the Ships that the Harriers were based on as well ??
  4. Getting timed out connecting to Chat.
  5. Yep I'm getting it too connect error 10057
  6. OK I click on the Play Online like normal, get the TOS screen, click on Agree, then I get a connect error 10057, what's strange is that the box where I would typically enter my password is blacked out.
  7. New thread OK to the TOP then
  8. Page 1 here you come
  9. England expects every man to do his duty
  10. The French Foregin Legion Needs YOU