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  1. USS Nevada Destroyer Only crew was myself 1 Kill 1 Hit Minor Damge from 2 bomb hits to bow
  2. I am aware icetwerp would love to have auzzi multicrew with me
  3. Just thought I'd say on the initial list, the 1st post, me and the USS Neveda appear twice. Just thought I'd let u know
  4. As Hinfoos would say, Pwnt by the past. Check Page 1, I already asked for it.
  5. Screw it KAMIKAZE STUKAS!
  6. Connection hiccup is the most likely culprit. Have a Comp on Vista, using wireless which comes and goes. In other words my connection is horrible and my computer is definetly not made for gaming. I get it maybe once or twice a day if I play for long time (5 or 6 hours) Could it possibly be large amounts of people online at the same time? Or something related to that?
  7. Awesome BLOO! cheers m8
  8. Axis didnt hear that high leveled allied ops speak lol
  9. We were about to pwn Shilde too lol
  10. Yea gonna randomly try and log on 10 times and see if it will go back online
  11. Same here chaps think the server took a dump