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  1. What year did you start playing? I played for the first time in 2003, was hooked right then. When was the last time you played? Think the last time I played under this name was 2010, or 2012. What squad were you in? I was in, and will always be in The Iron Wolves. What side did you primarily play on? Axis
  2. Yes, he is a squad mate, my gunner for the last two PH events.
  3. Jammy, I have to agree with the one torpedo bombing run. Regardless of who has won in the past, the Japs only sent one wave of torpedo bombers. The second wave of planes had Zero torpedo bombers. The more historical you make it, the better I think
  4. Ward? Huh? I havent asked for the Ward, nor any ship at this point. I did mention that if I play I would like the USS New Orleans, the ship I had in the first PH event.
  5. I have had fun in the last two, but think that torpedo planes are a must. But only in the first wave. When signups are open, count me in. (Preferably USS New Orleans, but can wait for signups if need be.)
  6. Ship name:USS Chew Type: Destroyer Crew 1:Grimklin Crew 2:Alspecto Status at end:Alive, very slight list. Kill :5 Stukas, 1 110 Hit: 11 any notes:Killed Doc
  7. Alspecto is to be my gunner Ice. I will let him know to check in here also.
  8. Hey ICe, I already have a gunner fyi, actually I have two that want to, just trying to figure out which one its gonna be. I say this cause I notice you assigned one to me, so I wanted to let you know that I have one, they just havent checked in yet. Thanks!
  9. OK, if San Fran is taken, I would like the Chew, not the breese. Thanks.
  10. Darn, was gonna ask for the New Orleans like I had last year, but I see that its taken. So any DD or FMB will do. I see the San Francisco is open, I will take that if it is.
  11. LOL, we never once caught fire, and never sank. So I will take it, not saying we could sail right out an engage anything though.
  12. As stated by Malize, the USS New Orleans survived. We were listing about 25 degrees though, but all ticking noises had stopped. My gunner (Alspecto) called ya out on your last run in on us Darq when ya came to say hi, so we both opened up on ya, and I think we both hit ya. After the 1st wave we had about a 12 degree list, but that was really all. At the end of it all, 9 hits for 3 kills. Great fun it was!!
  13. To all worried about the bofors, think about it... One bofors, maybe two to replace a dd. DD has 37mm, and 20mm all shooting at you comming down on them. Bofors one barrel firing at you comming down on someone else. Less aaa. Easy math. Relax. The bofors wont make a whole lot of differnce.
  14. Ok, ya talked me into Malize, USS New Orleans please.