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  1. You running dual monitors?
  2. You've been evicted from OT.
  3. Lob12 gives up easily by design. zing!
  4. Ok this points out thats something sure is not right. My desktop is basically your laptop but with a faster processor and 4 more gigs of ram.I have NEVER gotten anywhere near 100 fps with all my **** turned low or off. We have the same card. Could ya please tell me what your settings are?
  5. into a wall.
  6. I'll take a google look around. This might steer me in the right direction. Thanks and I'll post here the results.
  7. Not really sure. I think historically ati has been hit and miss with drivers and this game. I know yrs ago I had less to work with as far as my rig and got much better performance than I do now with better stuff. As it stand though I'm back to the ati3200 loading its drivers and crap again after restarting my cpu this morning. Even after selecting windows to "never" load drivers with auto update. Turned it on and all the graphics were huge. The auto update started installing the 3200 crap and my 5800 had the ! warning like it wasnt reading that one. Once the auto update completed it restarted and I'm back to where I was. 2 cards, the 3200 thats not even installed and I keep uninstalling keeps coming back. Very frustrated.
  8. FPS still poop diving on a town though. Even have amd fusion and overdrive running at this point. Its made it a bit more tolerable.
  9. Thanks for the help. That method did not work for me but it got me in the right direction. Here's the method I used.
  10. Been trying to play the game again and saw the recent post about drivers. I get terrible lag over towns when i dive in to bomb and basically make me useless. I just don't get it. I've posted my stuff before and vodka/indo420 had said things should be ok. Fiddled with it again for a bit today and went to the 11.4 driver as recommended. Over manhay today with not many people, same damned lag. On the way I get right around 40 fps. As soon as town appears, tanks to unplayable numbers. I keep having to delete the ATI 3200 but every time I restart my cpu it reinstalls everything for the 3200. Why, and is this the crap thats causing it to lag like this? Don't even want to log in as it is.
  11. Watched a few videos and tried getting into that via bios but it does not let me change anything there. The only thing I could change was the date and time. All the other stuff I couldnt scroll to in order to change like its locked or something. I did find AMD overdrive program more suited for nubs like me. But again I go to change stuff around and its not allowing me. There's an autoclock option on here with a slider bar but its not letting me slide it over to performance. These are the numbers it shows with the game running. The only sliders I can move are lower right. The 2 maxed out were there at default. I don't know anything about the others to the side so not sure if I need to do something with that. Nothing else seems adjustable. Edit- I'm running a stability test overdrive has. Maybe after its complete I'll be able to move the sliders.
  12. The power option you suggested gave me around 10 fps sitting in a hangar with about 5-10 people around. I also got the latest ATI driver but since I did that my comp gets blue screen of death followed by it asking me to do a system restore, a roll back every time I start up. Then the stupid thing starts anyway and says it has recovered from an issue. Another thing I noticed is that even though I change things all around on the CCC for ATI the FPS don't really change much after logging in and out with changed setting in CCC. That parts just confusing to me. Is that because although my card can handle it but my processor can't? I'm not too savy when it comes to this but know more than the avg comp stoopid dude. I think my issue is my proc speed? I'm running an amd quad core 2.20GHz <----Thats slow correct? I have ATI 5850 series card with a monster power supply so I would think my fps would be far greater than what I have. There a way to overclock my processor? Already did it on card. Edit- Have 8 gig ram.
  13. When you get in game just put out there you're looking for a squad if you have yet to try the other methods. Plenty of helpful players will gladly send ya a message to see what your interests are in game. Don't be shy in talking in game. This is a great community to be part of.
  14. Just an idea. Many newer players are clueless as to what this game was built from. IE day 1 launch - present. Maybe you CRS dudes, dudettes and Doc can put together something showing the evolution of the game. This way they can see the hard work that has gone into this adventure. Maybe make it a bit personal and add in impacting people to the game. I.E. Willytee. Maybe show the players that have passed away and what is done for them in game as well. This is by far one of the best communities in the gaming world imo. And I think that's because how you bucketheads directly involve us in the whacky things you do. Project that in your own little way and I think that will be just as big a draw to some people as the shiney new poop pots on our little pixel dudes.