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  1. Is there a way to assign the incremental flaps to a joystick button or axis?
  2. Only the old folks would remember me. I recall reading similar posts of people welcoming themselves back and snickering and yet here I am. Hi!
  3. Dude, I came back after what, 8 years for this free week and the game is essentially the same. At least now you realize that attacking the loyal playerbase isn't the best business model. This game was a great idea in 2001 and still is! But it has too many inherent faults for mass appeal. This game is for hardcore sim people. At the same time, I played French for most of my time, Axis was easier in every category. You can make fun of red v blue, but in the end, you can't ask one team to fight with one hand behind their backs for 17 years. (Has it REALLY been 17 years? That's a testament to this idea!) But at the same time, the Axis complains incessantly too, so I don't know what to tell ya. edit: and by the way, we had some GREAT times on the forums in the late 2000's!
  4. Sup peeps, checking in after a loooooong hiatus.
  5. Wow, game looks great with that field of view, more realistic first person view.
  6. I think their servers get butthurt on patch day and auto kick you.
  7. Can i have your old rig? It's better than my current. Btw, you will be smokin in that.
  8. Are you lost? Edit: me too btw, but about cthl
  9. Send it to meh. Ill test it.
  10. The Pedals are plugged into an auxiliary USB panel, that connects to the backplate of by Case, and is connected to the motherboard via USB header. Probably something to do with that. I haven't had time to try your suggestion yet spoon, I will tonight. I also have a good (not generic) 500w power supply if that makes a difference.
  11. every time I boot up, I need to unplug replug my CH pedals before windows takes input from them. Any suggestions?
  12. bottom line is: all those computers come with motherboard graphics solutions, which won't run this game. You need a video card. Heck get a 7600 GS. they're like $130.
  13. This one is roughly the same price and much better for gaming. Same Proc, but you get a good video card, which you need to play with good fps.
  14. you'll want at least an Nvidia 7600GT graphics card. can't run this game or any modern 3d game without a graphics card. The top one is an older model Intel dual core. The good ones are Core 2 Duo. AMD is still very good and much cheaper nowadays.
  15. They're gonna want you to post results from running dxdiag.exe. It's a diagnostic tool that installs with direct x. I believe you run it by hitting Start button-Run-type in dxdiag.exe and hit enter.