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  1. Bump for the 13th. Done many many many multi squad ops with 13th and they don’t let up and fight till the end. <S>
  2. Dambusters are the s**t. Couldn’t tell you how many Allied victories we owe to the Dambusters between RDP domination, AB AQ’s and more. Truly a badass squad. <S> Fellas
  3. Hit points are like participation medals in sports. Pointless and for the useless
  4. He will soon because he won’t be able to resist the absolute carnage coming towards the Axis soon
  5. Blah blah blah. Axis should fear the day we are both back in game
  6. Oh wow! Tman! Salute sir. Glad to see your still around man. Thanks Merlin and B2k. I knew the definition of it all, I was just wondering if it still existed An HC liason officer was someone from each squad given low level brigade HC status so they can be on .hc with the rest to communicate ops. They weren’t obligated to fulfill HC duties, just a middle man betweeen squad and HC
  7. If I’m reading right you can’t over supply brigades anymore? Is there a list of supply per brigade and HQ available?
  8. Lmao I bet you were. I bet you set that FRU too?
  9. Yes this is a true statement. With that being said, after all the reading I’ve done over the last week or so, I’m not entirely sure that WWIIOL is going to suite my old style of play. I understand adapting and learning but it’s hard to get my head around some of this. MSP/FRUs PPO RDP Armor columns Brigade over supply Player rallys Squad nights HC Cooperation Squad Liason officers Legit CoC Cutting off brigade resupply missions Ninja Caps Routing divisions Just to name a few. Is any of this still actually around or is the big problem ultimately numbers?
  10. As an allied player mostly, the Axis always suffered from RDP. The RDP war was lost by the Axis every time and was massively unbalanced. Which is why it got nerfed or tweaked or even taken away. A legit RDP system would be awesome if it could be balanced
  11. It’s all about how you organize and rally up the players. You can change a map with 5 to 500 player organized ops or AOs. Again, players don’t ask for much and mostly just want to be lead and have fun doing it. You make this game about work or a cluster f*** and you’ll lose your pbase fast
  12. Nice to see recognition still exists. Nicely done
  13. Maybe I just don’t remember than or never really paid attention lol. I apologize for my inaccurate reply than I do however remember watching green tags plow through supply though.
  14. I’ll be entirely honest and say that I’ve rarely flown in game and when I have it’s been a Hurri 2 or a Havoc and those planes are fast and easy to bomb with. I will also say that I rarely have ever seen any massive air quakes by the axis unless we are within 1-2k of an axis air field. I could see this as a proble for the Axis and I envy anyone who can legit fly because it’s not easy. Enigma, Rebel357, Hiiamben, Robhood, Dc, and guys like that get my 110% respect for what they can do in a plane.
  15. Oh sweet! I’ll get him allied so we can multi crew a tank. Bar and I pwnd multi crewing