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  1. Joined 2006 and with 22nd Mech. Than Engine2 invited me to join 23rd, I than eventually became 23rd CO. Than Thrance and I merged 23rd with AEF. Hoping those days come back
  2. So very sad! Jammy was top notch. Big loss for the community. Rest In Peace brother
  3. JG are beasts in the air. Is Enigma and jester still around?
  4. I don’t agree with certain things you or CRS does, however I do feel your pretty genuine in the success of WWIIOL and the direction you want it to go. Keep trucking Xoom and you have my support
  5. I’m curious of your reasons Kile, whole heartedly.
  6. I’m not on there. I’m mortified B, simply mortified
  7. I get it buddy, I do. My argument is giving a side a crutch. Never really been a fan of it. I like a challenge. I’ve personally always enjoyed being on the underpop side because it’s target rich and as you said, double the action.
  8. Challenge?? Rolling 60 tanks was and never will be an easy task. That column and set up took over an hour of planning and co ordination between 7-8 squads, HC and playerbase. Driving tanks from HQ to brigade to over supply, having brigades available to move through, having squad leaders assemble their numbers and work in conjunction with all squads on TS and 33, multiple trucks for MSPs, ATG lines, hot drop on CPs with trucks loaded with SMGs for multi simultaneous CP capture, bunker teams, Panhard scouts, infantry scouts, Air support, AB Air quake etc etc. Always more behind it than just a horde of tanks. Most of my Ops and AOs were set up that way. The tanks was just a bad [censored] sight. Ive seen insane things in this game that I doubt some of the new peeps haven’t. Like 100 plus paras on Ciney, 20-25 Havocs on Tienen, 5 beddys filled with 20-30 infantry on board hot dropping Andenne. This stuff was all planned and organized. I get more satisfaction out of that than anything else. Again, I’m not taking away the creativity or judging anyone with what they do with their game time. I just don’t like the idea.
  9. So placing indestructible PPO around a town is not gaming the game? That’s not military strategy. That’s 4-8hrs of boredom which doesn’t say much for the game really but that’s another story. Look dude, I’m not taking away the fact it was creative and clever. I’m not this old guy who’s against fun and trying new crap. My fear is that the game is already taken a massive numbers hit over the years for whatever reasons. Adding and allowing “strategies” like this to go on, grow and become a normal thing will result in further issues. If it doesn’t, that’s great and no fuss. Maybe I just like the old fashioned “strategy” of reading EWS and prepping a legit defense by knowing your terrain, adavtantage points, weak points and communication/skill.
  10. Most people who play this like the simplicity of fighting the good fight and get satisfaction out of legit skill and communication. Once people start gaming the game it takes all the legitimacy out of it. Again it was neat to see but this type of thing is not in my wheel house. It’s like those guys who would purposely spawn crap tanks and park them at the AB entrances to be blown up leaving the remains so we couldn’t roll in. Same thing
  11. Ello treacle! Long time m8
  12. This type of gamey activity will really bring the big squads back
  13. I’ve never complained about population really, even since 05. I’ve earned my stripes and than some over the years to publicly state my opinion. Bottom line is we as a community have lost a bunch of players and players that have built this game to what it is today and we as a community are likely going to lose more unless something is done. I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face, spawn delay and cap restrictions are not the answer. Once a solution is presented, stick with it and move forward regardless of the outcome.
  14. I hear ya 110% brother. I think a part of me wants to give it one more shot and see how it goes but I also agree with what your saying. I had a dream about you, dinker and Jsilec the other night. It was pure hotness