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  1. have encountered 3 109f2s where they are invisible to me. shot down by one with no circle or aircraft in the area or audio on him, only the sound of rounds hitting my aircraft over the period of a minute while manuevering. the second 2 happened just like the first. no airplane for me but squadies were seeing an f2 on my 6 or near me. even followed one of my squadies as he was on his 6 shooting him, and no plane there, but i did see an explosion on the ground once he hit it. i am running windows xp 32 bit, intel core2 duo, 3 gigs ram, nvidia 8800
  2. sweet, i guess i'll make vyper's sammich for you since you seem to be so busy
  3. shouldnt the dewo be taken out as well then since its comparable to the spit and e4
  4. so jg54 was doing a little flying against each other tonight, me and phydioux flying axis and vyper, jackal and primernr flying allied. well as night was coming along slowly phydioux comes over channel and says he i just got killed, look at him no ea, look around no ea. jackal comes over channel and says i just killed you and im right above you zubs. look around nothing, he starts shooting in front of me, nothing. vyper, prime and jackal all fly along side of me and i dont see any of them. then they blew me up with no tracers flying around. so basically we all had this problem, happen to anyone else, or is this a know issue?
  5. Just tried beta again today, still no joystick.... Sorry but definately an unsub issue for me since I could care less about the ground/navy game. (X52pro, Win XP32bit)