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  1. ....in the pricing program? So now we go to a $17.99 montly fee and if you do an easy pay plan and decide to terminate it, you receive this nice friendly reward... 5. 'Easy Pay' subscription plan cancellation by the Subscriber prior to the completion of the term is subject to a cancellation fee equal to the lesser of (remaining months of the plan term) or specific penalty detailed below; a. 12 Month 'Easy Pay': $50.00USD b. 6 Month 'Easy Pay': $25.00USD c. 3 Month 'Easy Pay': $20.00USD so when was the full explination going to come? now i will have no problem paying a little more if we receive some of the things we've been looking for and they fix a lot of the things that are broken; however, unless they do and decide to give us some sort of timeframe i will not continue to support something like this. i know that many people are thinking this, but only some of us have the nards to say something about it, and the few that have spoken up have already been banned or received tos' for it.