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  1. Yup...agree...unless they found an investor that needed to risk some serious dough, a more likely scenario is to partner with a small development house that has the technical know-how but doesn't have a viable project and trade dev time for equity in a 2.0 version
  2. Towed guns should have always been tied to a truck from the start...they should spawn as a unit with multiple crew positions so that the truck driver can switch to the gun position, deploy and shoot...make the deploy and un-deploy process relatively slow (like building an FMS) so that you don't have insta spawn This would have solved the issue of pushing guns by hand, which should be impossible except for the lightest guns and even then only with minimal ammo available
  3. The video example was pretty cool, but as Fidd points out, a bit overdone startled birds, barking dogs, civilians peering out from windows, pedestrians on streets where EWS is not active cafes, <koff> brothels etc would be very good atmospheric, probably low on resources and disappear during battles I'm all for it... I just want a nice French girl to share my choc ration with
  4. hehe not that this idea solves the OP's issue entirely, but what if FMS placement was coded so that it could be placed right up alongside a building, limiting the number of directions that it can be attacked and if carefully placed might contain a door that players could exit through via that building or, just let us set up PPO's inside certain structures, such as the rubble of a destroyed building? Just imagining that if was setting up a rallying point in a hostile town, probably wouldn't do it in the middle of a street, which is more or less undefendable
  5. Hmmm... that would be handy, I suppose by prior agreement you could pick a number and tune to it mutually to carry on a conversation in-game..... I also miss squad-level voice comms...Discord just doesn't cut it, would be nice to be able to have a private voice channel with just the six or eight guys that are playing together
  6. Like this, especially increasing the number of "village" buildings at road junctions and on the edges of larger towns Cafes, Inns, etc would also improve immersion nice idea...
  7. At first, my thought was... never mind this, bring back joining missions from the map screen, so that new players can get into the game more easily.... But, when I thought about it a bit more, i actually like this would really help with those 9-1-1 calls for help where you can't figure out where to log in, or can't post a mission yourself and need to join someone else's not a bad idea Kyotee.... (although, again, entering the game DIRECTLY through the map would make it 100% easier and funner for new players ;-P )
  8. Agree Fidd, in a similar vein, years ago there was some good posts by one of the Euro players that talked about having mission "templates" that were pre-defined lists of units that would be filled as players logged into a location You might join a brigade to see a mission that is asking for an "FB busting team" that consists of a truck driver and 4 engineers, or a CP clearing team that consists of 4 SMGs, etc Right now missions are based around the spawn lists which tend to be utilized by the rareness or coolness of the kit rather than being appropriate for the task...players exhaust the stuff they like to play FIRST then settle for what is left rather than choosing the type that is most appropriate for the task at hand The same principle could be used for armour or aircraft etc... A side benefit of this type of system is that it limits the ability of the same player using up all the available instances of a particular unit, as only a certain number would be allocated to each unit
  9. Since the overpop side is generally attacking (and rolling the map) how about scrapping the spawn delay and replace it with squad level missions that need to be filled before they spawn, this way people aren't just sitting idle when they are overpop, but still throttles the rate at which they re-enter the game and allows players to communicate and plan while waiting for enough players to join a mission, possibly encouraging more coherent and realistic attacks
  10. come to think of it, the coding that would go into enabling AI trains trucks and ships would probably also allow them to be used offline to practice A2G bombing and Naval Gunnery
  11. If I understand the intent of the OP correctly, set aside the lowest tier of A/C of each type for the inexperienced pilots, without impacting the supply of planes for the current RDP level.... so, in the first tier, only ranked pilots get rides, but once a new iteration of vehicles is available, leave a generous supply of the previous generation a/c reserved for raw recruits, perhaps limited to selected rear airfield(s) Think of this as an in-game training base, new pilots get some experience and a chance to rank up a bit, but at the expense of having to fly a bit further to the front lines, hopefully building pilot skills, without impacting the supply of valuable, current tier aircraft for the experienced pilots so, imagine that there is an unlimited (or at least plentiful) supply of Hurricane mk I's , H-75's or E-1's in a pool at a rear field that can only be accessed by pilots below a certain rank, perhaps even not requiring a mission as those pilots may not be able to post one yet it could be the equivalent of rifles for the F2P players but give them just enough experience to want to rank up without wasting normal supplies
  12. This sounds familiar... A few years ago there was some discussion about having differential mission rules for attack and defence...the idea was that "attack" missions would be structured so that players would gather in a mission lobby to fill defined roles then spawn together as a group defenders on the other hand would have more latitude, with the freedom to spawn where and when they want so long as supply held out Stankyus' " no mission" spawn sounds similar except for the additional onus on the attacking side to form into coherent groups before entering the game
  13. Does anyone remember how in SVGA Airwarrior, you sometimes had to spawn with less than full ammo or fuel if your supply bases were damaged? This makes sense to me as blowing up an enemy's ammo dump was a legit tactic in WWII
  14. bump because I get a woody thinking about visible supply lines using trains, ships and truck convoys that default to AI but might be player controlled if desired