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  1. Since the overpop side is generally attacking (and rolling the map) how about scrapping the spawn delay and replace it with squad level missions that need to be filled before they spawn, this way people aren't just sitting idle when they are overpop, but still throttles the rate at which they re-enter the game and allows players to communicate and plan while waiting for enough players to join a mission, possibly encouraging more coherent and realistic attacks
  2. come to think of it, the coding that would go into enabling AI trains trucks and ships would probably also allow them to be used offline to practice A2G bombing and Naval Gunnery
  3. If I understand the intent of the OP correctly, set aside the lowest tier of A/C of each type for the inexperienced pilots, without impacting the supply of planes for the current RDP level.... so, in the first tier, only ranked pilots get rides, but once a new iteration of vehicles is available, leave a generous supply of the previous generation a/c reserved for raw recruits, perhaps limited to selected rear airfield(s) Think of this as an in-game training base, new pilots get some experience and a chance to rank up a bit, but at the expense of having to fly a bit further to the front lines, hopefully building pilot skills, without impacting the supply of valuable, current tier aircraft for the experienced pilots so, imagine that there is an unlimited (or at least plentiful) supply of Hurricane mk I's , H-75's or E-1's in a pool at a rear field that can only be accessed by pilots below a certain rank, perhaps even not requiring a mission as those pilots may not be able to post one yet it could be the equivalent of rifles for the F2P players but give them just enough experience to want to rank up without wasting normal supplies
  4. This sounds familiar... A few years ago there was some discussion about having differential mission rules for attack and defence...the idea was that "attack" missions would be structured so that players would gather in a mission lobby to fill defined roles then spawn together as a group defenders on the other hand would have more latitude, with the freedom to spawn where and when they want so long as supply held out Stankyus' " no mission" spawn sounds similar except for the additional onus on the attacking side to form into coherent groups before entering the game
  5. Does anyone remember how in SVGA Airwarrior, you sometimes had to spawn with less than full ammo or fuel if your supply bases were damaged? This makes sense to me as blowing up an enemy's ammo dump was a legit tactic in WWII
  6. bump because I get a woody thinking about visible supply lines using trains, ships and truck convoys that default to AI but might be player controlled if desired
  7. Same problem here...if I try to enter by pasting the link into the browser or clicking on the CONNECT button on the resource page, same thing...blank Discord app, no WWIIOL specific info EDIT: not sure why, but it works now
  8. Good Info, thanks guys! I suspect stonecomet might be right, after thinking about it for a while, it occurred to me that we might not have owned the town, even though all the flags were Allied, so that might explain why we couldn't spawn from the AB's I'll try those suggestions, thanks for the advice! S! -chry-
  9. That's how I thought that it worked, but (it seemed that) there was no way to spawn at the town itself...the only missions that were up were based at FB's or neighbouring towns.... It seemed like we lost the town and A/F because we couldn't spawn any inf locally, having to travel all the way from the FB took too long Who decides where the missions start and stop? Do the players still post missions, or does the host create them? Sorry for asking dumb questions, but I can't find any information on how the game works now, so my apologies If there is a manual or how-to guide, I'll just shut up and read it...
  10. This *might* sound incredibly stupid, BUT.... I logged on for the first time in probably a couple of years or so, and realized that I have no idea how to travel to a town that we are ATTACKING When I played regularly, I tended to defend all the time, but last night there was only the attack on Berry-au-Bac to join, so I logged onto the brigade screen for the units that were fighting there The nearest missions were at the FB from Laon, the AB at Sissonne and the AB at Dizy...nothing in Berry itself as I say, I don't recall EXACTLY how it used to work, but didn't we used to be able to spawn at CP's in the town if we controlled the linked FB? What about mobile spawns? do they still exist? didn't we used to be able to post a mission and drive a truck to the outskirts of town and spawn there? Are there still trucks? We used to be able to ride on them from the FB into town... Must say it was a pain having to jog back into Berry from the FB every time I got whacked... how does this work now? Did I miss something when I logged in?
  11. hmmm.. nevermind, I'm going to download the full install at work and start from scratch just in case I have some file corruption that is blocking me from patching... thx
  12. Hi all, I'm a couple of versions behind and trying to get back in game, but I can't get connected to patch server Is there still a site where we can download the incremental patches via FTP? cheers -chry-
  13. Hmm... now I'm getting a different error, this time at the login screen where you enter your playnet ID and password says "login failed - cannot connect to authentication server" I've tried tracing my connect to and I lose a lot of packets, so I'm not surprised that I am failing the login process I don't think that this is CRS' fault though, more likely my crappy rural inet
  14. even before a major overhaul of the UI happens, I wonder if it is possible to incorporate a "9-1-1" popup link that HC could activate when they are eager/desperate to get players into a specific location you see all the time HC messages on the side channel saying things like: [A] ALLIES - Dinant needs defenders - spawn there now!! wouldn't it be cool if a little box appeared that said ******************** * 9-1-1 * * * * DEFEND DINANT * * oic mRsmOOthy * ******************** my apologies for the ASCII graphics and when you click on it, it moves you to the correct brigade screen in order to join the particular mission that HC is trying to promote even cooler, a email message that contains a link that when clicked, opens the game and starts you right at the place indicated by the 9-1-1 button how hard would this kind of stuff be to add? this could cross over to the rapid assault development too, since that's the kind of quick response, jump right in kind of atmosphere that RA brings