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  1. ill take 28 - USS Ramapo PLZ
  2. and of corse another problem with installer, patch downloaded tried clicking install but then a red message comes up and says "Version of the client is not what this installer can patch". what do i do.
  3. nvm i just had to load it from finder
  4. download the game again???
  5. thats good
  6. no way to fix it?
  7. how is ML marking fixed when u still can only put 1 Wave point. Ex. adding a rally point only rep in a R and i can only put that only wave point on the map.
  8. wat do u mean CPU limited
  9. is ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB good?
  10. if so which one. or put your opinion which is better to buy.
  11. i'm getting alot of CTDs near Airfields
  12. so should i just wait till they have 1?
  13. ATI Radeon HD 4670 will that be better?
  14. i just found out that i lag more when i look/run to the Tall grass. anyone else start lagging?
  15. so do i just buy a new box?