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  1. Omg!
  2. I'm just telling you why there is no inter yet. It's the usual procedure and you probably know. Don't worry I'm on break already.
  3. If they had put intermission over the weekend the other half of the complainers would have posted here now...
  4. It's been around 16hrs for quite a while now, really nothing new there.
  5. In my book any game mechanics which promote easier camping or fight avoiding (see the ML fru) are a nuisance to the game. EWS is not a crutch, once a new player understands how it works it is the prime indicator on where to find enemies on the map and that's why we need it, regardless of what distance it gets triggered. I'm questioning the logic behind this move as it is a direct outcome of the rat chat where this was discussed. Now axis or allied it will affect both sides the same way. The logic was that those who asked for a reduction found it harder to set up an attack and were encountering responding forces already out in the fields making it obviously very hard to set up the attack. Now some will not like this but the same people also complained about getting camped over and over. What seemingly wasn't considered is the population shift over the holidays which might very well be the only reason why all of a sudden things weren't going so well anymore. And that's my whole point. I think the decision was made to throw a bone to those who were complaining but in the end it will be the overpopped side who benefit more from this change than the underpop will by having it easier to set up an AO. I can live with it (if I play) but I think it isn't helping any side or anyone really other than we got again some more stealth and camping potential added which frankly everyone should dread in this game. btw: Years ago there was something called 'spawn in discipline' in order not to trigger EWS until the go ahead call was given and everyone simul-spawned in and rushed to town. That was pure excitement and required teamwork.
  6. I always found ews triggered when you spawn at fb the best method so generally about 2k for guns and trucks. But this was brought up during the last rat chat where there was quite a lot of people complaining about the switch to truck only FRUs and their main point was that they couldnt set up stealthy anymore and/or their trucks/guns would encounter already enemy responding forces while trying to do the initial setup. Stupid if you ask me because it works the same for both sides, responding to ews right away is the key to succesful defense with truck frus. ML Frus dumbed down the game for so long that pretty much everyone forgot how to play. And those who asked for this are just gonna get camped the same way than before. It is all about side numbers and nothing else.
  7. I'm pretty sure a couple of weeks ago it still was higher than 2k if not by much. Like some say officially it has been 2.5k for a while now.
  8. Yes, kinda disappointing. I tried different words or letter combinations and it really seems random as to when it gets accepted or rejected and in some instances even crashes the game to desktop.
  9. Here's a post that might confirm it is historically accurate: Still at least make the linings and distance numbers look the way the M4A2 uses. The biggest problem right now is not the distance shots but to make small distance changes and find the lines if you're facing darker things like trees as they are really,really small now. Oh and Xoom said somewhere they are looking into it.
  10. Offset bug, 1.35
  11. Good find. However back then Soon meant it probably was in by mid 2011 . I am however surprised, it didn't feel so long to me and I always felt like I've played much more years on the MSP system rather than the FRU. Maybe I've just been slacking these last years...
  12. Just curious, GSC mentioned the fru was introduced in 2010. I have no date or source to verify when it was introduced but my feeling is we have it for maybe 3 years now and that when I started playing in 2009 the truck MSP certainly was around for at least 2 years. Anyone here know exactly when it was introduced and/or can provide the patch date ?
  13. That's where the impact grenadier comes in handy.
  14. - terrain matters, it happens everywhere except roads/concrete ground and AF's - Speed doesn't matter, i've had it at real slow pace and fastest pace offroad - Health does not matter - Happens pretty much anytime you go offroad - easily 8/10 times driving offroad -Drive offroad to test, change directions if you can't replicate right away, -It is likely terrain tile related but the Beddy model must lack something the other trucks have as I can't recall getting this bug on any other truck axis or allied. If it starts to happen it usually takes 100-200m until screen blacks out completely, if you change direction when it starts to happen you can avoid this but it's hard to make it go away completely.
  15. With EWS there's no precamped towns, there's only sluggish response to a clear indication (unlike precamped ML Fru towns without indication). Once a town is camped it is too late, or 90% of the time, normally that means the attacker got the upperhand preferrably after a hard fight. That's also a good thing although nobody likes to be camped, but the map needs to move and we have to have winners and losers. Tow Atgs, set Frus from neighbouring-backline towns to undermine the enemy ZoC or to cut their approach line from fb(s). That's a system which has worked for both sides all those years we played with MSPs. When I started to play this game in 2009, the 1st 6 months I got my ass whooped regularly on Wednesdays and Sundays due to an enemy with the WILL TO CREATE A BATTLE (not to avoid it which has been the trend in recent years) by combined arms and organization and planning and dedication. Although I died a lot and got camped a lot, I also learned a lot and how to counter them. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn't. But you bet it was the most fun I ever had in this game. Having stealthy ML frus is all kinds of wrong in my book as to what this game used to be about. But hey, I'm still around...