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  1. I run 5760 x 1200 without Any major problems What did you use to record that vid?
  2. i have the same card and resolution as you and trust me the cpu makes FAR more difference than the gpu in this game also 12.2 and 12.4 drivers cause the blocky trees 12.3 works best for me
  3. What's the ingame tag is like to work with u but can't join u
  4. no theyr so fast you cant see em when your in a blen
  5. so when do we get mossies?
  6. how do you get the names over the enemy tags?? ps i was in the spit group and eventually got snoopy was he not in formation with you lot?
  7. timypic and photobucket both reduce the resolution really badly
  8. what did you use for the vids? ps how did you do the panning shot did you taxi past them and look out to the side?
  9. mine will have to wait til tomorow
  10. i cant get track ir to work properly now i keep gettting a big black spot and only ever get led on receiver
  11. what happens if your kia/bail do i respawn or not?