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  1. There was a fantastic battle going on last night over some town on a river somewhere. (Fixecourt? Arraines? somewhere) Very much combined arms, there was so much going on as we tried to hold on to the south side of the river, under constant DB7 and Hurribomber attack, defending with flak guns, anti tank guns and Stug's trying to hold off shermans coming over the ridge to the west, infantry scaling the =damaged bridge to recapture the railway station, being driven off and recaptured by Axis forces... Granted, it doesn't always happen as the player count drops and the towns get taken quicker, but when it does happen it makes you remember how awesome this game is. Sure, for every half hour of epic battles there are three hours of FB defence or a soft cap, but that's the nature of a truly open game. The players make it what it is, and when they come together for a concerted effort to fight over a town or an FB that both sides need, with good supply, then you get an epic battle. The 'content' in the OP is entirely 100% player driven. If there is a lack of 'content' then it is down to the players (or lack thereof).
  2. CAn we haz 1 nuke.
  3. I could go with that - for dedicated flyers, having massive 'Target' and 'Origin' and 'Leader' icons on your screen is off putting, so having the option to turn those off enables you to increase your SA at the disadvantage of having to keep your bearings (or do some VFR if you get lost). For the 'casuals', keeping those on enables them to maybe lose a little SA out of the window, but keep a general idea of where they are relative to places in the game world, but not to make the 'hardcore' player feel he (or she) is at a disadvantage. I like that. As to 'bringing players together', again for the player who wants a more intense experience, the 40+ minute sortie flying BARCAP on enemy ingress routes means that, forcing teamwork and a general improvement in virtual aviation skills, when you finally do contact the enemy the battle will be short, sharp and victory will go to the team with the better players or tactics - instead of the low level turn and burn deck circle jerk it usually ends up with now.
  4. Flying an aircraft in a combat sim is hard. It should be hard. It should be challenging, because challenge = reward. The point of a purely P2P MMO is to initiate combat with like minded opponents, with (in the name of balance) a realistic chance of being able to use your skills and experience, learned and honed in practice, to defeat your enemy - not point and click to win. I would suggest that if you could attract 'tank' simmers and 'flight' simmers and 'naval' simmers to playing this game, let the squishies move the map and the simmers enjoy their immersion.
  5. That's not my experience on Rise of Flight or IL2 servers. You are constantly checking your heading, looking for references on the ground - all the while keeping an eye out for the enemy, ground targets etc etc. Immersion is key. I remember playing Warbirds way back when, the GPS there didn't only show your own aircraft but enemy aircraft too. They had monthly 'events' where they would disable GPS, and we would have a blast getting lost or trying to form up together, and eventually when someone found the enemy we'd have a hell of a furball. Then once the event was over, we'd go back to instant GPS and clubbing baby seals. I don't think there are many people playing Warbirds still - I'd suggest there are far more playing IL2 or Rise of Flight.
  6. Agreed, but the other flight sims such as Rise of Flight or IL2 require you to be aware of your environment and surroundings, it's difficult and sometimes can be a pain in the ass ("two fokkers with me!" "where are you?" "Over a field!"), but it's immersive. I think that the lack of immersion is what has killed the air game in WWIIOL. When you add crutches you take away that sense of achievement and ownership, you breed a culture of 'well you make this game easy but I keep getting shot down' and that adds frustration. If the frustration is manageable (i.e it's frustrating getting lost, or trying to keep your SA on your leader, but after learning how to check your instruments, check your map, use comms to keep in touch with your leader etc) then once you have learned something you want to keep playing the game, to test your skills and grow as a player. The point isn't to make the air game simpler to get more players - it's to make the air game more complex in order to attract your more hard core flight simmers.
  7. Was that to fix the lag issue? I noticed the 'fishbowl' thing last night, the last time I had played was last year when lag over the towns was ridiculuous, warping aircraft all over the place. I disagree, the problem isn't the old vets who left because they weren't getting their stat-ho fix, it was the ones who left because the air game was dumbed down to the point where there was no challenge - it was either clubbing baby seals over an AO or chasing 'Luftwaffles' and 'spitdweebs' back to their AF AI. What I'm suggesting isn't to change that behaviour (as that is online behaviour regardless) it's to make the air game more challenging for vets (harder to find noobs if there are no massive icons alerting you to their presence) and at the same time more challenging for noobs, but with challenges they can overcome. No greentag is going to be an instant ace, but they'll survive longer in the meat grinder to learn and to overcome those challenges in order to get kills and grow as players. When you reduce the learning curve, although you might be able to attract less skilled players, you won't hold the attention of the more experienced players and the less skilled players won't get any sense of achievement - they go back to their frus and CP caps. Harder = less short term fun but more long term players.
  8. The only other area where the Air game is lacking some of the pizazz of the other flight sims is the cockpit. There have been upgrades to external skins and modelling of tanks and other weapons, and some of those cockpits look really old and tired. New skins for existing aircraft cockpits, and more realistic instrument panels (even keeping the existing instruments) would make those other sim pilots who sneer at WWIIOL "those cockpits, how very 90s chortle chortle" take notice - alongside the most important change... 6DOF in the cockpit! It's not for everyone, but your above average flight sim player has TrackIR or freetrack now, and people just expect to be able to pop your head around that strut or behind that wing. Removing Icons and GPS from the game and implementing 6DOF would be a massive call back for those flyers who left WWIIOL. Players come for the eye-candy but stay for the game, but when the game goes stale or changes the eye candy on those other game becomes too tempting - make the look and feel of the game on a par with those other flight sims, and the campaign and dynamic nature of the game will make them come back.
  9. Moving on from the reduction of icons in game, another area of combat flight sims where WWIIOL is falling behind is on the use of GPS. Map reading and navigation is a useful skill in all forms of life, and the WWIIOL air game is no exception. Removing air icons (as per previous suggestion) and removing GPS makes flying hard, but also makes escaping easy. It means we need to know how the cockpit compass works - to be able to recognise a town or a river from the map and know where we are. A possible implementation could be to remove GPS from the map above a certain speed and height. This would allow you to land in a field in order to 'get your bearings', as happened in real life during WWII. It also increases reliabilty on that fuel gauge, and increases the pressure when you've taken damage to your radiator. It would also increase the intensity of a dogfight - yes you've survived that epic battle with that Spitfire, he was smoking and bugging out last time you saw him - now where are you? There's an airfield, is it Gilze? The intensity of the experience of getting lost and then finding your way is one of those things that never leaves you in a flight sim (or real life). Although it might be hard for new guys, it gives you a chance of some simple progression that greentags enjoy and is what helps turn a new recruit into a long term player. It would also increase interest in long range bomber missions. Those pilots that want to fly RDP do it for the enjoyment of the flight, not necessarily the effect on the game. Make it so that we need to use navigational aids, compass headings and timing to make our turns. "this should be antwerp coming up below us now. Turn to 271 degrees for our attack on Canterbury". Combined with the proposed changes to in air icons, it also allows RDP to get a much more realistic chance of survival to reward those pilots who have successfully navigate across a 1:2 scale map of northern europe!
  10. Remove Icons from the air game, or reduce the distance dramatically from 1.5k to 500m. This will bring players back who may have left WWIIOL for other, fancier looking combat flight sims that don't have icons. The feeling you get when fighting in a furball, trying to clear your six and suddenly finding yourself all alone in the blue sky is very powerful. A clever move in a dogfight, a reversal followed by a quick duck out would usually enable you to escape an opponent in a faster or more agile aircraft - however, in the current implementation of icons in WWIIOL, they will not only find you but chase you down, with no option of escape. Although when WWIIOL came out, we played it on tiny little 14" monitors and couldn't see a DB7 unless it had a giant arrow pointing at it in the sky, now I would say most people have decent monitors and more importantly, are used to flying flight sims without icons. Other games use clever indicators for aircraft locations, such as sunlight glinting on cockpits. Gone are the days of the uber fly-boys throwing their weight around the forum, whining about stats - the game needs to grow up and move on and attract those players who enjoy detailed, realistic flight sims, (alongside the other suggestions I'm posting on here), but are looking for a bigger picture - a dynamic campaign that they can really affect, and I believe that removing icons (or limiting them to a much shorter distance) would not only even out the air game by increasing the ability of new recruits to survive and thrive, but also to re-enthuse those flyers who may have left WWIIOL and found their mojo in other games. Bombers will be able to get to target easier, either for RDP or local tactical bombing. Marks and communications become important for air defence or for vectoring fighters in. It brings the air game back into the forefront of WWIIOL, which is where it needs to be to get back to sustainable numbers of flyers in game.
  11. hit start then type 'add' into the search box. you'll get Add/REmove Programs pop up. hth.
  12. downloaded and installed a patch. ran exe again, client says 'unable to find patch' and I get the account error page with the following message tried training server too, same issue.
  13. getting this too. can log in to training server ok though!
  14. Id like to be part of this. allied cru III preferabyl, but could do a IIIh or a IVg if needs be:D