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  1. I'm trying to get the band back together again. Right now there are only about 4 or 5 of us active/semiactive in game. Hoping to get a few more back at it after the holiday season is over. Not sure though. Miss talking to everyone and having some good clean fun at the expense of the enemy I'll be a little spotty from now until after xmas. We will of course be on the road trying to keep all of our relatives happy at the expense of ours......hahahahahahaha Husk
  2. CE! Whats up man?!?!?!?!?!?
  3. Seeing lots of names I recognize and a lot I don't. That's all good! Been fun getting back into it. Fingers weren't doing things right the first day or so, but it came back around. I haven't plinked Xoom yet......but it's on my to do list... hahahahahaha
  4. Ok...I got in! Be back in later tonight
  5. Thank you. Will try it this evening
  6. Would you be able to help via discord sometime?
  7. Tried to get in last night. Have a stupid missing .dll window coming up and game won't load. Happens as soon as I double click wwiiol. Anyone seen this? Windows 10
  8. Nothing sounds fun about that at all
  9. I don't wanna get fixed. It made my dog get fat and he doesn't like me as much.
  10. Well that didn't take much. LMAO!
  11. Coming back in after years off and away. 101st Squad Member Going to take a while to get game back up and running but stopping in to say hello to everyone.
  12. The 101st Airborne is always looking for good players to join Please visit our website at Or, feel free to PM me in game, or watch for Strike69, Shad0w64, Raven4, Trevor8.... Thats some of the more frequent players in the squad. Any one of those can help you out. S! Look forward to seeing you in game!
  13. Enjoy the squad and the game! Tell a friend and get them into the game too!!! S!
  14. As a reminder, come join up with us! We have members that are HC, long time, new, and returning players so we are very well rounded. We play as a group and strive to help each other out to make the game as fun and positive as it can be. for the details. Join up, bring a friend, help make the 101st stronger and in turn help make the game better. S! HuskerGI (feel free to PM me in game or on either forums for help or info)
  15. Please visit our website at There you will find the sign up area and we will get you squared away. Its been fun running with you over the last few days and I am glad you enjoyed your time so far. It is true that a person becomes much more deadly when playing in a squad. Make it a good squad and you become even more effective. Thanks again and look forward to more gaming with you. Raven4 can help you our even further in the process and I will PM him so he knows. S! HuskerGI