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  1. I haven't been on the forums in close to a year and the first thread I see is an mg34 whine thread. Guess I haven't missed much.
  2. You should look into this section of the forums for a polish squad if you were looking for one.
  3. Remember that an ATR has 1 HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) charge that can blow up any tank if placed correctly while the anti-tank rifle can only kill a few tanks.
  4. i think he is asking what chat option is f3. by default f3 is the side channel. if u are playing allied then the side channel can be read by anyone playing allied. if axis then side channel can be read by anyone playing axis. f2 by default is the target channel. this means that everyone on your side that is attacking/defending the same town as u will be able to read the chat. f1 is mission chat and can be read by anyone on your mission. if u choose to join a squad, then f4 lets u talk to them.
  5. that pc is fine, should get good fps. there is absolutely no reason at all to buy more than 4 gb of ram. im getting around 60 fps with my build and i only have 4 gb of ram
  6. boy, that fight with 9 divisions vs 9 divisions in 1 town would be insane if it was 100% of the map....
  7. first of all, welcome to world war 2 online. a fru is a forward resupply unit. its basically a mobile spawnable that can be deployed for infantry to spawn out of or resupply ammo to any ground unit (tanks, anti tank gun, infantry, anti aircraft gun). to kill it u can use 1 grenade (has to be next to the fru when it blows up), 1 atr shot, or 4 to 5 rifle shots. hope this helps.
  8. trackIR is great for everything except infantry. it is pretty expensive and there is a very cheap alternative that is just as good called freetrack. u can make your own trackIR setup for about $30 (much much cheaper if u already have a webcam).
  9. what? churchill, sherman, m10 are all great tanks.
  10. stuka please, first wave
  11. stuka for me please