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  1. Hi, I forwarded the ports, have no firewall (only NAT - which has the ports forwarded), and still get the popup message. Not really a problem for me, but just wanted to point out that forwarding ports doesn't seem to resolve the issue (for me). See screenshot. P.S.: No, I don't have a second enabled network adapter, and no, I'm not using ipv6. S!
  2. Thanks for your explanation. It doesn't _seem_ to have any negative side effects, and hasn't appeared the last couple of times that I started the game. It wasn't in the error logs (afaik), but instead it's a popup that appears when playgate starts (can't remember when exactly - think it's after clicking "agee" and before entering credentials). Are there any other ports/ranges we should forward?
  3. Thanks, I'll post a bug report now. Also, someone asked about performance in a previous post. I get around 110 fps in non-populated areas of the map (flying). The foliage problem hasn't been solved so I haven't really played much infantry - so I can't tell you too much about busy areas - but flying over towns with a lot of action hasn't dropped my framerate beneath 35 fps (playing 1920x1200, highest settings). Quite happy with it apart from the foliage issues, and some recent CTDs. Bought a joystick (Saitek X52) too, since the graphics only allow me to fly - and absolutely loving it! :-)
  4. I have the same problems. I assume the socket error ('error ip') has to do with the recent upgrade. I don't really know what it affects though. Like saxon, I also encountered a CTD spree tonight. I thought it may be because I upgraded AMD Catalyst control center (although I/it didn't actually upgrade video drivers). Since someone else has the same problem though, perhaps it _is_ related to the recent patch(?) For me it happened mostly after flying for a while. Edit: In case you're wondering: I *did* download the full version of the new release (as requested in a sticky post on this forum) - I didn't use the patch to upgrade.
  5. Thanks for your response Yep, exactly the same. Thanks, I'm quite happy with it so far :-) There is a newer version - will try to upgrade. Although in the release notes nothing is mentioned that could be related to fixing this issue as far as I can tell.. Yep, the same settings. I've also tried with other resolutions, which don't crash the game but still give me the same foliage issues. Yes, I've overridden the game settings with Catalyst to see if that helps. I've tried with various configurations, but no luck. I'm not sure what to do with this, but I have installed various versions of DirectX seperate from WWII:OL with virtually no noticable effect (perhaps I did it wrong - I don't really know..) Yes, same thing.. Yes, it's a pretty new card, and AMD has been known for releasing great cards with rubbish drivers. But as far as I know, there are only CrossfireX driver problems at the moment (non-applicable to me). I guess I'll have to wait for AMD to release new drivers, and pray that it will solve the problems - that is, if the drivers are in fact the problem.. Thanks for your help, it's really appreciated. If any more suggestions come to mind, please do let me know - I'm really eager to play again!
  6. I've played around with the 3d application settings in Catalyst, switched everything (antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, tesselation, vsync, tripple buffering) to high, switched everything to low/off, tried various other combinations and no luck it seems. I've also played with in-game settings. Does anyone have any other ideas? Should I just wait for a new driver to come out, even though this one works for all other games? It's a real shame as only the foliage seems to be affected. Maybe I'll just have to try air-combat for now... Would be great if someone had a solution though.
  7. I haven't really tested it much in-game yet since it's almost unplayable on the ground (grass is hip-deep 0% opacity black blocks), and I don't have a joystick yet for air-combat.. It's a Sapphire card, but I don't think they changed much in terms of fan/cooling yet as the card hasn't been out long. As far as I know the main difference is the sticker on the fan and the software that I got with it (not remarkable).. Once I get the game going properly I'll let you know my findings in terms of performance :-) Really looking forward to it, wwiiol has been one of the major motivations for building a decent box. Hopefully I'll get it to work soon!
  8. Oh, I did not know that. Thanks for that explanation! Once the graphics work properly I might give my (liquid) CPU cooler a run for its money and gain myself a GHz for some extra FPS :-) I have the latest drivers (8.921.2.0 - released 8 days ago). I've also tried with older drivers but no luck unfortunately. I'm not sure which videocard settings to check related to this issue. Ideas? I've pastebinned DxDiag output here. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your reply! I've tried with both the drivers from the DVD it came with and their (newer) drivers from their website. I've also googled for problems with the 7970 drivers, but the only thing I can find is CrossfireX related problems (I only have 1 card so that's not applicable). I suppose I'll just have to play around with all the WWIIOL graphics settings to see if I can find a solution. Any other games (like BF3/Skyrim) seem to run great so far. Apart from the foliage issues I also only get 40-60fps in non-populated areas of the map. That's the same as I get in BF3 (on high settings), even though it seems like WWIIOL should get a lot more FPS.. Am I mistaken?
  10. Hi, I just built a new PC because my old one died. Specs are: - AMD Radeon HD 7970 - Asus P9X79 - Intel SB-E 3930k - 16GB Quad channel DDR3 - 128GB Crucial M4 SSD All latest drivers are installed. (Edit: Also latest version of DirectX installed, in case that matters) The problem is that foliage doesn't show up correctly (see screenshot below). It's especially bad when I'm close to it/in it, since it completely messes up vision. Has anyone had this before and does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks, hdeh