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  1. So they sucked me in to see what has become of this game. Sooooooooo, what has become of TGTCWTF?
  3. What are your system specs? Don't let these mean bastards scare you we are here to help
  4. I guess it's just unsub again?
  5. Every time, I just installed the game on my laptop and it crashes to desktop when I go to spawn in any fixes??
  6. Still cannot play the game. Get to the spawn in screen and CTD. Reload and everything is fine until then. I have reinstalled the game 4 times. Every time I log in it runs like it's my first time logging in.
  7. Reinstalled game and read the CTD threads nothing fixes this. Any help?
  8. It depends on the CPU IIRC AMD can run up to about 50C or a tad bit more but Intel I have heard of running 60C with no ill effect. Could also be a bad sensor did you run another program to verify your getting the right temp?
  9. to see if anything changed.
  10. Did you not read my response to your thread that I have an Asus A8N SLI deluxe socket 939 MB with a AMD 3000 or 3200 A64 in it that you can have? You do not need to get a dam C2D. In gamming they do not perform hugely superior than AMD AM2 sockets. And socket 939 is a good socket although it is being discontinued this year I believe it can be had relativley cheaply. If you don't want the MB/CPU I have then find a nice AM2 or C2D board and CPU.
  11. I kind of confused me as he had (2) by his GPU's. I didn't look up his MB for compatibility. Well, I hope he listens to your advice and gets it straightened out.
  12. CPUZ is what I use here is a link:
  13. Why would you but a SLI MB and then get an ATI card? That makes no sense what so ever.
  14. I think you mean crossfire and not SLI. ATI is crossfire, Nvidia is SLI.
  15. I would say if it is just CTD than no, but if it is blue screening I imagine it could have a chance of corrupting software or perhaps the OS.
  16. I think what you are asking is a way to see what is the bottleneck in a system. I personally know of no way nor have heard of one specifically for that. There are benchmark programs that can use synthetic tests to give scores and you can OC or tweak and re-run to compare. As far as I know it is basically just judgement on what is comperable to what. ATM the new GPU's from what I understand are being held up by the best of processors out, from what I have heard. Usually I try to stay in the era of what came out when, but that isn't always the best way. And I have gone through many chips and GPU's benchmarking and updating for some time now.
  17. Hyperthreading has NOTHING to do with your performance issues nor does it relate to dual core in ANY way.
  18. The game you are playing is not old, it might have been out for 6 years but it is a new game every year as it is constantly being updated. FPS in this game will always be a problem, for some, due to what is involved in rendering the game world we know and love. I know it can be difficult at times but you need to get in game and sit for a second and look around and realize what it takes to render what you are seeing when you are looking at it. Alot of people don't understand this or forget.
  19. That video card I wouldn't buy and you stated you wanted to stay around 500-700 bucks with everything inc. a case. Are you planning on buying a $24 case?
  20. GPU is dated but as that is an AGP card I don't think I would really upgrade it IMO although you can get a good AGP for cheap now which would help. A good soundcard would help as well.
  21. I would say your rig should run the game fine. First off post a complete system spec. Then inform us of what your Nvidia control panel options are set to? AA? AF? Image quality? Vsync? Force Mipmaps? Transparancy AA? Are all your drivers up to date? Spyware? How many applications are running in the background? Disk cleanup? Defragmented?
  22. The point of what I suggested is you can always upgrade later. You can buy another gig or go for 2x1g sticks now or later. ATM RAM is very high in price.