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  1. Spawn camping is solved by fallback yet. Call your HC. Spawn have nothing to do with controling of town. Spawn is only spawn. Your idea is based on flags of global map, Its definitely bad.
  2. 6. Ideas should be posted in detail ? 6a. How does the idea work? I will bet, light artillery will be used as depot window artillery. 6b. How does it affect game mechanics? ? 6c. What is the intended goal of your idea? ?
  3. This is not sniper game. We can add some wind and special wind condition in the valley, weather forecast unit, etc. This thread will be solved by PzIIc
  4. This will increase time of battlefield analysis. You will need more HCs watching the strategic map.
  5. Solved month ago, dude. Try to destroy NEW FB with 15 engineers on spawnlist. 1 satchel on inf spawn = 5.5% damage 1 satchel on veh spawn = 11% damage You will need Inf spawn = 4.5 Engineers Veh spawn = 2.5 Engineers One way with resupply take 6 mins Whole FB 1 soldier = 42 min 2 soldiers = 21 min 4 soldiers = 12 min ... now try to destroy guarded FB.
  6. This idea does not include parachute kill by aircrafts (ground or air). The aircrafts have reduced ability to kill chute due to low visibility distance
  7. It's impossible today. Initial state of AI AAA is 0° of elevation. Activation is starting by fire at 0° of elevation (AI AAA can destroy everything on ground) and aiming is little delayed.
  8. here is example woRru65bqqQ
  9. 6. Ideas should be posted in detail New button "ACTIVE BATTLES" destroyed arrow navigation [forward/backward] Return back old navigation buttons and add some new features like direct spawning without option menu ( solution of The Depot or the FRU ?!?! ) 6a. How does the idea work? available buttons of MISSION BRIEFING ACTIVE BATTLES BRIGADE HQ ENTER WORLD/ENTER MSP available buttons of BRIGADE HQ ACTIVE BATTLES CHANGE BRIGADE MISSION BRIEFING available buttons of CHANGE BRIGADE ACTIVE BATTLES CHANGE PERSONA BRIGADE HQ 6b. How does it affect game mechanics? no 6c. What is the intended goal of your idea? Arrows will work again like before Less mouse clicks for mission makers Current system is unspeakable:confused: B2OOrLt5jC8
  10. Oh, well, lower accuracy will be implemented by reducing 60 FPS to 2FPS, or something else ? Dead body will be ejected probably. This solution was rejected years ago. We have got immortal loader instead of this.
  11. Fastest and low cost solution may change radio buttons to the button with symbols. OK will be redundant. Another way without form. Push Middle mouse button and hotkey
  12. This is not about fog. This is about orientation, feel of flight, graphics presentation, visibility of planes on the dark background.
  13. Obey the rules 5. Please do not duplicate ideas, instead post your support in the current thread GAME IDEAS / SUGGESTIONS / Please, add all armored vehicles of WWII
  14. it is overenginering, i have better idea