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  1. yup you nailed it. I thought I was turning off the annoying pop-ups for noobs:rolleyes: thx:)
  2. yeah I even deleted the older versions and the beta and did new install.
  3. I've lost the ability to hover the cursor over a town and see the info popup that shows which brigades are in that town. what have I got set wrong? The same goes for marks set to mission leaders. I cant read what the mark is or who made it.
  4. used checknet this evening as I have had multiple cthl events. mostly on saturdays. some normal with a 74ms ping time. the others look like this... === Test Started @ Sun Mar 22 00:46:13 2009 UTC === Test 1: Auth Pri -OK- 41ms Test 2: Main Pri WSAE:: No error (0)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 3: Main Alt -OK- 9078ms Test 4: Main PingPri -OK- 41ms Test 5: Main PingAlt -OK- 79ms Test 6: Main Chat -OK- 41ms Test 7: Event Pri -OK- 42ms Test 8: Event Alt -OK- 78ms *** Partial failure. - Check firewall event pri has been as high as 3074ms. using ultra 64 all firewall and anti v turned off. have changed playnet ver. to the suggested older ver. no change noticed.
  5. And we luv wings! fly or pound ground your choice. we supply the comeraderie
  6. registered in 3CD as "worthy adversaries" hondo17 lost to railrd in texas holdem full boat to 4 of a kind. railrd= winner hondo17=loser
  7. website hacked fix otw:( try 3cdsoldiers.com for now
  8. you too can get ahead with sheep in the 3CD! JOIN TODAY!!
  9. we are still here and open for biznez:)
  10. 4 cdts no error messages just a screen flicker as a warning then freeze then desktop. attempts to come back in straight away give a cthl msg. in the last three sessions of 3 hrs of play each the ctds almost always start at the 2hr mark and continue until I give up. dsl xp-pro sse2 both enabled and disabled with no difference either in NT or XP mode nvidea 7800GT latest driver 167.
  11. Yokilla a squadie said he cured most of his stuttering while flying by using xp compatabilty mode instead of NT. Anyone else tried this? As to CTDs after the patch last night I played 10 minutes then the screen flickered and I was dumped. Called it a night.
  12. always download the new driver 1st but dont install. go to add/remove progs and delete the old. after restart Windoz will rediscover your card and try to install a generic tell it to cancel. open the new driver file and run.
  13. Nvidea has a new release for 7-8 series cards
  14. the doors are always open at 3CD its the sheep pen we keep locked;)
  15. experiance the thrill of victory and revell in the axis agony of defeat!