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  1. Sound reasonable. If those guys said the StuH 42 carried 36 ammo then I would trust them more too. I have Chamberlain and Doyle’s book on german tanks and it is an excellent reference. Not sure how you guys decide the mix of AP / HE loadouts. I guess you have to make that call. I would agree with the emphasis on HE, but only 4 AP ammo still seems a little bit low too me - but I can understand your reasoning. More importantly, I am glad to hear the MGs are in the works. And I agree the stug III B never had one, but the later ones did. I just hope you guys give this task a higher priority now, because CRS has made the SruG a bigger issue these days with the new supply lists.
  2. Thanks! 26 + 4 + 4 + 2 = 36 rounds. So I guess that is a bit low ammo loadout for the StuH 42 - based on what Headhead said - that it could carry 54 105mm rounds of ammo. The AP ammo in particular seems a bit too low. 4 rounds will usually be used up by most people after facing only one enemy tank. Not to mention it should have a MG too.
  3. Actually, with the StuH 42 I was not talking about MG ammo. I was referring to the main Ammo loadouts: If I remember it has only 4 AP and 16 HE ammo in game -(plus some smoke and heat). Seems kind of low to me. But these numbers are only from my recollection. I am not in game right now, so it might be +/- a little bit from what I mentioned.
  4. The StuG IIIG was modified - it was given an open mg with a gun shield on top of the ammo loader’s hatch not too long after going into combat. Later on the germans replaced that with a mg that was inside a small remotely-controlled turret on top of the vehicle. You can find real ww2 photos of both variants on the internet. The StuG III B never had a mg. But the STuG III G probably should have one. I haven’t researched the new StuH 42 yet, so not sure about mg on that one. But I don’t understand why the 42’s main ammo loadout is so low in game. It is almost useless without an ammo box.
  5. BMBM keeps saying in posts over and over: well you guys wanted historical spawnlists and now you got them so don’t complain. And I keep thinking to myself : who has been requesting these historical supply lists? I don’t think I know anyone. Sure, personally I know I have referred to historical accuracy of some paticular equipment or historical aspects or gameplay mechanisms. But historicsl supply lists? I never requested that personally. Lol I know it would mean Allied (4 to 1) ratio in tanks and airpower to the axis in 1944. Not sure how fun that would be, and I am pretty sure I would never want to see that in a game! Don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to see Red vs Blue lists, and I like historical flavor to the lists., and I think the current changes are not bad idea in principle. But there are limits to how far I want to see historical accuracy go too! I just think more serious tweaking is needed. Also, I think its probably the allied players who would want historical supply lists more than axis players - given the implications that implies for the late war game. Not stating this last point as a fact, but it would seem logical. Just my 2 cents. Cheers!
  6. Might be easier for the Rats to just make a “beta tester” forum and only allow players to post there that have at least 150 sorties over the last 3 campaigns
  7. Lol - 5-star post of the day!
  8. I think kgamer’s point is that people who have actually played these last 3 campaigns are the true beta testers of these radically new equipment lists. The people who designed the lists know the equipment well - the pros and cons of all the different units - not much has really changed technically. But the radically different supply lists and the differentiating of the infantry and armored flags has radically changed how the attrition battles are played out, what tactics the sides are using ,how HC is moving flags on the map. For example, I have been continuously making the point the in T0 and T1 during the last 2 campaigns the allies are using the British INFANTRY flags as extra ARMOR flags to cover the French towns. The axis is really getting outsupplied in armor over this because there is a big gap in armor balance in the infantry flags. And all these extra “smoke” matildas in the early tiers are not really being used for smoke support. They are being used by the allies as extra unkillable pillboxes in front of their armybases when the axis run out of sappers. Also in later tiers in many big battles, the Axis tankers are often finding no armor to spawn but STUGs (with no turrets or MGs) and they are suppose to provide infantry support for the infantry flags. Maybe this is somewhat historical (I don’t know), but it is upseting the axis tankers and people are starting to cancel their subscriptions. Its a bit ironic too because in real life the Germans gave the STuG III G an open MG with a shield on top of the ammo loader’s hatch not too long after the StuG III G was introduced into combat. And later on they developed a remotely operated MG turret on top of the Stug. But our StuG III G has no MG at all. There are many other gameplay issues with these new lists too, but you have to get a feel of what the impact by playing in game. What I find really amazing too - is all the complaining the axis are doing right now is while they Axis are “winning” these campaigns with the new equipment lists so far. (This only goes to show that momentum and overpop is more important than equipment imbalances). But I can only imagine what the outcry is going to be when the Axis actually start to lose a canpaign with these new lists - yikes! Cheers!
  9. I think he is referring to the ATR. I somehow doubt that Hardhead would think hes giving the Axis a gift by letting us know that the 88mm ATG can kill a M10 with 5 shots
  10. @ZEBBEEEThank you. I see I can make post in that forum now. Can I also request access to the following forums; - General Discussion Forum - Russian-speaking Forums The Russian players come to me for help sometimes because I can speak Russian. And they use Steam forum mostly to communicate instead of these forums. Thanks! Krazydog XO - 91st Sturmbattalion
  11. The americans have only 30 rifles in their infantry flags probably because they have 150 semi-automatic rifles in their infantry flags . The axis have 180 rifles but only 30 semi-automatic rifles in their infantry flags. So are are saying you want less semi-automatic rifles for more rifles??? I do not think the Axis would object to this change.
  12. I have the game as you know. Its just not through steam. Its through this website. I used to be able to post there before to help players. I even have a training guide posted over there. I made those posts before while just owning the game from here. something changed - because I can no longer make posts over on steam.
  13. I used to be able to post in the Steam forums for WW2 Online. It will no longer let me post there. It says only owners of the game can make posts. Did something change?
  14. It doesn’t matter what the historical numbers were. This is a game and the axis are getting very pissed off over the armor imbalance. CRS please wake up!
  15. Another question: is there anything to prevent the allies from making all the frontline towns British at campaign startup?