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  1. An excellent question! Considering there are only a few weeks left in sunner, I think it deserves an official response from CRS without the playerbase posting distractting photos from the internet. Cheers!
  2. Lots players (escpecially Allied players) keep complaining about LMGs running around and firing ffom the hip. Ok fine, but ... Before we nerf the the LMG, add SUPPRESSION FIRE to the game so LMGs can be used like they are supposed to be used. cheers
  3. But Spiderman never needed camo and he does just fine.
  4. Squads should have admin rights over their own channels. A lot of times GMs are not online. Immediate action is needed if a spy or just a jerk jumps on your channel. .Report doesn't help if there are no GMs online. Yes I know you can mute someone who is being obnoxious on chat. But that is not good enough sometimes - especially when a stranger joins your channel and doesn't communicate with anyone.
  5. By the way, alot of these basic campaign victory conditions and other basic gameplay rules info are covered in the 91st basic training guide: the 91st basic guide is available to the general public. And the guide is still pretty much up-to-date except for the last surrender rule changes - (which cut the surrender rules in half). cheers! KD, XO -91st
  6. Although the Axis usually win by capturing the French factories (only), it is worth noting that over the last 100 campaigns or so the axis have won 2-3 campaigns bytaking England and its factories. So although rare and difficult, taking England (and its factories) does happen sometimes, and it leads to victories for the Axis. (The Allies can not ignore the England threat totally).
  7. Not entirely correct. There are 2 ways to win the campaign: 1). The first is to capture like 95% of the towns on the map. (Almost never happens). 2). The second way is to capture 9 factories of the opponent. The axis have 9 factories located in 3 towns. So the allies need to capture all of the axis factories. But the allies have 18 factories located in 6 towns (3 french cities and 3 British cities). The axis can win a campaign by only capturing all of the French factories, or all of the British factories. They do not need to capture both. Usually the Axis win by capturing ALL of the French factories, because England is almost impossible to invade with success. Cheers!
  8. Thats a large fragment blast area. If HE is going to be so lethal then CRS might want to allow for fragments to only wound people more, rather than killing guys all the time. Otherwise EA will probably rip up the infantry play too much in game and I think the ground huggers won't like it too much. Having people get wounded more often, rather than dieing with one hit would be more realistic too.
  9. He is proposing maintenance on Saturday 4:30am server time. That is around the end of TZ3 time. If It must be done on the weekend, then that is probably the best time to do it really.
  10. You want an AO that wont show on the map until para EWS shows up on the town, and you want ABs hot only 1 minute after something is capped? WTF? No thanks lol! How are the defenders even suppose to react to that kind of AO? It would be 95% chance ninja cap with 1 AB towns. PS: I thought you hated softcaps Delems.
  11. Reduced supply timers should mean reduced supply lists. It makes sense, and I agree. But its probably going to be a nasty process changing all the supply lists - everything needs to be rebalanced. There will probably be some complaining from the community - after all thats what we do.
  12. Yes, its not too good to force paying customers to beta test things during live campaigns. you could lose paying cusomers lol
  13. Actually I think it would be better to just going back to the way the timers were originally. If you slow down the timers on the frontline attack, but allow the defense timers to move twice as fast, then we might end up with WWI trench warfare and endless rotation of flags and supply. The map becomes a big stalemate, that could get frustratng too. A little bit of breakouts are ok I think. They move the map.
  14. This makes sense. Also, I think like some people said it was a oerfect Storm. Not only were the Axis lines stretched out due to the unorthodox setup, but I think Axis lacked active HC online at a critical time when the Allies were starting to get close to Leige. Someone said in another thread that the Axis didn't have a proper army flag in Leige when it got attacked. That situation should have never have happened, especially considering that the flags could have been moved faster.
  15. It might have been fun for some guys, but not for everyone: Campaign Day 1 was Sunday - it was Father's day in the USA. Lots of guys like me already had other commitments on Sunday. So I finally get a chance to log in on Day 1 at Midnight. I log in and see 2/3rd of the Axis army is cutoff. Leige is already Allied. And there is nothing to stop the Allies from taking the German factories except the 1 AO no softcap rule. This all happened on day 1 before I fired a single shot! WTF - how is that a good day for this game ? The campaign looks like it will be over by day 3 at this rate. Lol