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  1. This game is really unique... It has really stood the test of time. It is one of the few games where we are already starting to see that fathers and their sons are now playing together and joining the same squads!
  2. I am not so sure that reducing cap timers would be a good thing. i have a feeling that it would lead to more ninja capping of towns. It already seems to me like too many guys do not react in time to new EWS on towns. Speeding up the timers would make it even worse - especially for the underpop side.
  3. You are welcome to try out the 91st if you want. We have just recently setup a voice chat channel on the new Axis Discord server. Just hop on down to our chat room. Or just ask on side chat if a 91st recruiter is online when you are in game. Someone will help. Also, looks like the current campaign is starting to wind down to a finish now. So keep in mind that player numbers might be low over the next few days until the next campaign starts up. - This effect tends to happen with most of the squads. cheers! krazydog - XO - 91st Sturmbattalion
  4. Thanks for the fast response Xoom. I can see a few positives for switching that you mentioned. however, I will have to look into it more before I switch- I certainly dont want to install anything that is going to send push notifications to me when I am outside the game. For example I dont want to give this discord program my private email address or facebook. That is a no go for me. If the program offers a public webspace that I can check outside the game to recieve game updates - then that is good - but I will not give it any personal info if it demands that on the install. A nice thing about TS is it respects user privacy.
  5. Why is CRS proposing a switch to Discord? What was wrong with Teamspeak?
  6. Personally, I am not too crazy about the "Have you Enlisted" phrase on the T-Shirts. Have you considered offering some variations to that phrase?
  7. On flat road you can coast it for 5 km (in neutral gear). It used to be worse like 7-8 km). So I never said it didnt improve some, but its still alot more than other vehicles can coast right now. obviosly the distance can vary depending on hills, and yes of course the coasting distance is much less off-road. But a good driver will exploit the hills and roads when possible and like I said they can technically coast all the way to town from fb range making no noise. Thats why I think its still a bug. cheers
  8. If a Morris can coast 5 KM that means a driver can coast it all the way from a FB to the attack along a flat road. It should be obvious to you guys it still needs fixing. I reported it here because this is a bug that need fixing (not a suggestion). So I will keep my comments in this forum. I really hope you guys will take another look at it. Thanks.
  9. It makes sense to me. If its just a training server then all the equipment on it should probably be accessible to everyone - at least to paying customers.
  10. This bug was supposedly "resolved" in patch135.6.3 (Bug thread item 752), but it is not fixed. I tested it again today during intermission: Results: I was still able to coast a Morris in neutral gear on flat road for 5 KM with the engine off. I tested it twice - once from Kalmthout to Wuustwezel, and once from Roosendaal to Etten Leur. This distance is slightly better than last time I tested it before patch 135.6.3 (when I was coasting it for about 7-8 kms). But this distance of 5KM coasting is still about (3 times) further than any Axis vehicle can coast right now. That just can't be right. This is an important topic - Coasting with engine off is used a lot by drivers when setting FMS spawns. Please look at this issue again and fix it. Thanks
  11. Flying FMSs? No thanks PS: this also might make it easier for Axis to invade England again
  12. Actually TZ3 does not always favor the Axis side. From my experience TZ3 is controlled by the Axis more like 2/3 of the campaigns. About a 1/3 of the time it favors the Allies. TZ3 usually swings to the side that is winning the campaign (but not always). And yes unfortunately TZ3 is rarely balanced - it usually swings to one side or the other during the campaign. And when TZ3 gets unbalanced, its very hard to stop it, because there are so few players online to take care of the all the tasks needed to turn things around.
  13. I think if you want to make LMGs more realistic and weaken them by making it more of a burden to move them, reload them, and (or) fire them while standing up, then you also should strengthen the lmg by given it better suppression fire when it is in a good well-deployed position . I mean in real life a well-placed and deployed LMG could pin down a whole squad from moving around without killing anyone. (So could mortars). You dont really have that in this game. Direct hits are modelled in this game but realistic suppression fire is not. Everyone is a Rambo in this game - naturally - since there is little concern about death. Not sure how (or if) its possible to model suppression fire in this game. Maybe the ability to slow down the movement of enemy infantry a little if a deployed LMG near misses them to simulate a pinning down effect. Butt that might get annoying too. Not sure. I also think the LMG should be able to be deployed from more locations in game (like windows in buildings) . And maybe the background lighting inside buildings should be darker so people don't spot LMG deployed in a window so easily. (Hopefully CRS can do this when they can edit terrain). Just some thoughts.
  14. There is already a thread on this topic in the bug reporting forum. CRS would like to know the specifics. Post over there if you can remember the town or spot where this happened.