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  1. Need to add suppression fire to the game before crippling LMGs so they can be used in a historically correct manner.
  2. Not sure when the Axis push started, I wasn’t online. But when I logged on (around 4pm server time - some hours into primetime) the cut was still in process and not finished yet. Looked to me like the Allies didn’t try to pull back to cover the cut (an Allied Div was still sitting near Luxumbourg). But I did see the Allies energetically trying to countercut the Axis with multiple attacks near the riverline area. The counterattacks just didn’t work out.
  3. Yes there are some sap spots that are missing in the guide that I know usually work for me too. Parasit told me that in the new guide he only included those sap spots that worked for him consistantly - 100 percent of the time, or very close to that during his testing. There are some other spots that work sometimes, but not always, and he left those spots out of the guide because he could not duplicate them consistantly enough. At least that is how he explained it to me. cheers!
  4. Yes it is typo. The Axis sapper guide got an update. But Para tested it with 1.35, not 1.36.
  5. CRS has a sub-forums called “Squads” where squads can setup their own private forums. Some squads are using that. Its probably not as sexy as having your own squad website, but it might be a quick and easy solution - at least until you find a squad website administrator cheers!
  6. Deep flanking attacks around the edges of the map are very risky for the attacker. They usually don’t work. The defender can usually cutoff these attacks by just taking back a couple of towns because the breakthrough is near the edge of the map. Most vets know the more dangerous breakthroughs usually occur in the middle of the map. I wasn’t on yesterday, but looking at the webmap it looks like once the Axis took back Oostmalle and Wuustwezal the smartest thing for the Allied HC to do probably would have been to pull back the lines some to avoid a cut off.
  7. Although I agree that some sound effects could be improved in game, and there are some buggy things like the sound of sapper charge blowing up FBs being heard over 1 km away. But still .... need to be very careful with messing with the sound effects in this game: I think the 3D sound system in this game is one of the best features in this game. And every unit in game has a unique audio sound. So the current sound system is pretty good (imho).
  8. It is true that gunshields don’t help much against ETs and EA. But they are great against EI. Especially for the 88: Sure EI can run around behind a gun with a gunshield and still kill a gun, but 88s usually get deplyed 1.5 km away from a town on top of hills, at least snipers would have trouble killing 88s from Long ranges frontally if the 88 at least had a shield. Its not fair really, infantry can only be spotted by tanks and guns at ranges of around 800m or less, but infantry can spot guns and armer at greater ranges due to the way the graphics engine works in this game.
  9. I agree with Malvoc on this one. A little bit of caps typing is needed sometimes to organize attacks, and I don’t see a problem with it unless it is clearly becoming spam. cheers! KD - XO 91st
  10. But armor has strong sides and weak spots. Maybe thete is a way to change ithe FMS damage model. No law that says that the way the FMS takes damage now has to be the way the FMS takes damage in the future. But if the Rats don’t have the technical ability to change the way the FMS can take damage, then I agree it would be a bad thing to change the FMS so it requires 17 engineers to destroy a FMS. That would have negative gameplay consequences for the underpop side.
  11. 1). Hardening the roof of the FMS is an interesting idea. 2). Giving players the ability to camoflouge the FMS would be nice too, but I think creating a PPO that allows players to build “bushes” could get abused too: players would probably build hundreds of bushes everywhere. I could even imagine people building them in open fields under fire. It would not be too realistic. And our computer’s frame rates might take a hit too, I don’t know exactly how the terrain engine works and impacts our pc’s resouces, but if these objects were built everywhere there might be an impact. There might be a good way to implement a bush-type ppo but it would probably need to have limits on its placement too.
  12. I played for about 30 minutes today and I had to stop too - my eyes were hurting from all the white brightness - Especially from the strategic map - which was even brighter than the snow most of the time.
  13. 98 pct of all mobile spawns these days are the newer FMS (Fortified Mobile Spawns) - the ones that look like little fortifications. In large cities (like Brussels etc...) There are a lot of places where the FMS can not be deployed on the city terrain, so the developers also created a smaller UMS (Urban Mobile Spawns) - the ones that look like boxes. ’MS’ just means (Mobile Spawn). It is a more general term and it can refer to any of the above. People often just use FMS or MS interchangebly. They are usually reffering to the same thing . Also sometimes people will say EMS (Enemy Mobile Spawn) if they want to emphasize the MS or FMS belongs to the “enemy.” And if you are defending a town some people will say they setup a DMS (Defensive Mobile Spawn) which is a freindly FMS or MS setup around town somwhere for defensive purposes. Also note: before the FMS and UMS system was created in game, in the old days we had only one player placed object for spawning and it was called was called the FRU (Foward Redeployable Unit). Some old vets sometimes still use the term “FRU” to refer to a FMS or UMS - especially if they haven’t played in a while. I hope that makes sense
  14. Let me be clear about one thing: In my original post starting this thread, I do NOT propose anything like “squad missions” which is an exclusive kind of mission, and I know the Rats are hesitant about making changes down that road. My concern is more about grreen tags who are auto-recruited by me everyday and spawning in the middle of nowhere while I am still driving to target when they get recruited. Nothing is squad exclusive in my proposal: I want to give a ML a spawn toggle that is squad neutral - that applies to everyone equally.
  15. I agree. Keep it to TTs. There really isn’t a problem with gameplay and river crossings.