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  1. Thats reasonable. We have not even tested the new trickle-in timers for a full campaign yet. Players are still getting used to them.
  2. Actually once a side loses a town, I would like to see the supply levels of that garrison stored in the game’s memory. Because the way it is now, if you lose a town and that garrisons supply got completely drained, but the thatt side counter attacks and recaptues the town., that garrison’s supply magically fills up again - even though it should still be drained from the previous attack. The system does not remember the supply levels of garrisons once they get kicked off the map - this is a bigger issue I think.
  3. Probably Crowdfunding. Look at what Star Cirizen did. How was this original game financed? What does the current owner of this game think? I don’t think he (they) have ever made a public comment of what they think about the future of this game version 2.0. All I know is they probably should not expect to milk ww2 Online (v.1) forever. That is a sure path to a slow death of this game. Its time to think about the furure life of this 20th Century game for the 21st Century - before the competition leapfrogs this game. Cheers! P.S. when I say “crowdfunding”, that means raising money outside the existing playerbase. WW2 is a popular mmo game genre, just like space sims.
  4. I agree with this! Enough tweaking with the gameplay of the current game already. Its time for the Rats to take the next big step: New game engine!
  5. Then next time use a better choice of words chief.
  6. Some people can only play during certain time periods of the day. I know this for a fact, because some years back when I was working overseas, I had no choice but to play this game in TZ3 (on workdays at least). This game doesn’t exist for the sole pleasure of prime time players. I say anyone who calls TZ3 players “scum” are scum thenselves.
  7. I have no objections about 1 AO in TZ3. But I am still undecided about all the extra AOs in primetime. I am not sure If I like them or not yet: On the positive side the map moves a little bit more. This is probably a good thing. But there are also concerns with this extra AO system too in primetime: Population gets stretched out too thin over too many towns. Thete are less big battles and more skirmishes. There are more ninja caps with no defensive reaction. If you want to seriously play strong defense, then you have to “ping pong “ constantly from town to town to wherever the next probe attack captures your spawnable. (It can be annoying at times). The extra AOs in primetime probably helps the overpop side a little more than the underpop side. So based on all of the above, I still have mixed feelings about all the extra AOs in primetime. I am not sure if I like them or not still. Cheers!
  8. Dropbear I can relate to what you are talking about because I have experienced the same thing with this game at times on the Axis side too. And if you need a break from the game, then take one. But blasting a “DON’T SUBSCRIBE” message in these forums is just wrong. Squads are trying to bring back old vets right now.
  9. Not true. A lot of work was done in the wiki about a year ago. (And I mean a lot). It still needs more work though. Best thing to use for tanks is Parasit’s sapper guide for the armor weak spots, and just ask on Discord which guns can kill which tanks from which ranges. I can tell you most of them for the Axis side. Most guys learn by trial and error. Like Sniper said, there is no public info with charts of weapon calibre penetration with ranges and armor thickness for this game. Also it hasn’t changed too much over the years with AP ammo and armor penetration. The ballistics audit last year focused more on HE ammo and projectile fragments if I remember. Cheers!
  10. Some info is here:
  11. A topgraphical layer on the strategic map is my number one request for this game.
  12. I agree it would not be a major issue but it could get annoying. Some guys get annoyed when people block VEH spawns and AB gates with PPOs. And those usually only require 1 HE charge to clear. People will get more annoyed if they have to run 40 repair kits to fix a bridge destroyed by a new guy who was playing around with it. It wouldn’t be the end of the world but it could get annoying
  13. New players would probably sabotage attacks and defenses for their own side by messing around with the bridges. Just for the fun of it. Same reason we don’t have friendly fire in game. Probably best to leave the DO AO system on bridges as it is now.
  14. This is good news Xoom. There are still some bugs with this hybrid supply system, but most of them we can play through until they get fixed. The only game-breaker bug for me personally right now is that FB flipping bug. It can seriously impact what towns get captured, and what towns do not get captured, and imfluence campaign results. And I really would not recommend going into a live campaign until you guys definately get that bug squashed first. cheers!
  15. Xoom said in his post today in the forums that the next patch scheduled for April 29 should hopefully fix the fb flipping bug, but its still going through some testing this weekend.