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  1. Maybe just track HC login time with the number their flag moves ? That should be easy to track for HC activity. Also, maybe combine that with a “playerbase HC feedback form” that lets the players grade their own HC. These two approaches would provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback results for HC. The top HC performers could then get some kind of incentive reward based on the results. Cheers!
  2. I think when you compare the armor lists for balance, it is a mistake to just compare the number of tanks against other tanks in the supply lists. Many tanks (including Tigers) die ro ATGs and EA too. For example the DB-7 has about 500 axis armor kills this campaign. (It is almost a flying tank lol). The axis side has nothing comparable to that in terms of armor kill results Also the allies can spawn a much better atg from their MS. The axis small atg is not very good against late tier allied tanks. So there may be some other reasons to add a few extra tigers to the spawn list because of these other advantages the allues have. I know Axis have some unique and nice weapon systems too like the 88 and the HE-111. But my point is you need to look at the entirety of things that are actually killing armor on thebattlefield and balance the equipment lists based on everything. cheers!
  3. Its normal. Overpop always wins. This applies to both sides. After playing this game over 10 years, I can not recall a single campaign when the underpop side was victorious.
  4. I look at the mini map all the time. I am also watching the strategic map quite a lot too Both maps are essential and serve different purposes.
  5. This. Or alternatively, just join the CRS Axis Discord voice chat server and come on down to the 91st channel and we can get you setup. Cheers! Krazydog XO - 91st
  6. I think the current FMS is more or less ok the way it is now. No game design changes will ever 100 percent stop spawn camping. Its up to the playerbase to organize better defense around their MS and setup ZOC around them. 90 percent of the FMS setup are totally left unguarded. Don’t blame the FMS if you don’t even bother to protect it.
  7. A better idea would be to just let a laffy truck drive 30 km to an objective and see if 50 kamikazis pilots with no anmo can find it and suicide into it
  8. Its is nice. But if you are in a squad, then there has already been an even easier way to join a fellow squad member’s mission: Open the squad menu and just double click on a squad member’s name from squad member list - and you get teleported to their mission. No need for figuring out how to spell strange game names
  9. No I agree with you. I didn’t mean to suggest that graphics alone is the key. I meant that new graphics were needed on top of the current excellent gameplay we have now. The new generation of gamers need the eye candy - and that will be a necessary component (but not the only component) of a successful game which could bring in massive numbers of players again. One more thing too - besides the gameplay and graphics, obviously the game pricing policy also has a big impact on the number of players who will play the game too. There are a number of factors.
  10. AOs are NOT the reason for lower population levels these days They game is almost 20 years old and has dated graphics. What do you expect? Most people don’t play one game their entire lives. Lots of the old timers of this game are starting to get up there in age now - including me lol! Its normal that population levels ate lower these days. In fact its amazing that this game even still exists today after 20 years - and this longevity is proof that the gameplay of this game is actually pretty good compared to other games. I personally only expect to see massive numbers of players again for this game when (and if) a completely new graphics engine comes out for this game - a WW2 Online 2.0.
  11. I think the current map is going quite well so far (for both sides). There has been a little movement both East and West. No rollovers. I wouldn’t change anything more right now. There has already been some new cap timer changes introduced this campaign. Lets see how the current camplaign plays out. I got a feelingi this campaign will be a long hard fought campaign
  12. Allowing larger ATGs to spawn from the FMS would be the simplest way for CRS to implement a solution to deter enemy tanks from camping FMS. However, if you make the FMS harder to take out, this will also probably make things easier for the overpop side too. Need to think about these kind of changes carefully, because tactical gameplay changes could have strategic balance consequences for the game as well.
  13. Need to add suppression fire to the game before crippling LMGs so they can be used in a historically correct manner.
  14. Not sure when the Axis push started, I wasn’t online. But when I logged on (around 4pm server time - some hours into primetime) the cut was still in process and not finished yet. Looked to me like the Allies didn’t try to pull back to cover the cut (an Allied Div was still sitting near Luxumbourg). But I did see the Allies energetically trying to countercut the Axis with multiple attacks near the riverline area. The counterattacks just didn’t work out.
  15. Yes there are some sap spots that are missing in the guide that I know usually work for me too. Parasit told me that in the new guide he only included those sap spots that worked for him consistantly - 100 percent of the time, or very close to that during his testing. There are some other spots that work sometimes, but not always, and he left those spots out of the guide because he could not duplicate them consistantly enough. At least that is how he explained it to me. cheers!