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  1. Many people want the campaign to end sooner after their factories are captured and supply runs dry. Is it really fun to continue to fight a couple more days with low supply over the last 20 or so towns on the continent? I temember people complained about how the campaigns were being dragged out. This was the reason why victory conditions were changed so a campaign could end sooner when one of the major powers lost all their factories.
  2. Yup, I also once killed an airplane with a mortar. Just got lucky.
  3. Great video.! I laughed my head off a couple times Also fun to see the game from a new guy’s fresh perspective.
  4. I think we should leave the halo. Many paradrops are successful as it is now. Paradrops should be risky operations. Don't need to make them too overpowerful.
  5. Personally, I am not sure exactly what Delems is talking about... Was the grease gun in T0 last campaign? Or is this something new introduced in the current campaign? Can you elaborate If something changed this campaign, or if this is just an old gripe resurfacing again? Not everyone tracks the supply lists so closely in the brigades ias Delems usually does.
  6. Intermission is needed
  7. New tools for managing veterans - yes - tech can be useful with that - I agree. But if we are talking about brand new green tags - things only work the old fashioned way:)
  8. 91st had the same problem. We used to have 30 day recruitment period and some good guys were getting auto-kicked by the system and getting upset about it. We were forced to change our recruitment period down to 7 days, and that is how we are managing it now. But I agree it would be nice if the squad could change the recruitment time to 2 weeks or 30 days instead - that would be more ideal for a timeframe. I have to say one othet thing though: the auto removal of new recruits after 7 days has been a lot better than no autoremoval system at all. Its much easier to administer the squad now.
  9. I hate to be negative here, but I am a pragmitist: I think its a bit too early to cheer the higher pop numbers right now. We have to see what will hapoen when the 30 day trial period for F2P full access is over. That will be a time when we can more credibly assess what has happened, and what the long term trends will be - at least this is my personal opinion.
  10. No amount of new tech tools will control the new guys. No matter how sophisticated the tools are. You need to communicate with the new recruits the old-fashioned way: one by one with private messages and get them on Discord chat first. Once you got them on voice comms they are much easier to manage. All the ones who refuse to respond usually get the boot out of the squad at some point. This is how most of the more-organized squads manage it I think. There are a few exceptions though.
  11. Interesting idea. Its worth thinking about. I know the game engine needs to spread the number of players around the map as population grows, but the amounting of switching back and forth between towns to cover everything is a bit tiring at times and not always the best gameplay. Maybe it would be worth trying something like keeping a low threashold to teach 2 AOs, make the threshold higher to reach 3 AOs, and make the threshold very high to reach 4 AOs. This would make HC's life a little easier too.
  12. The server crashes with just one cap left has impacted both sides. It is very frustrating when it happens.
  13. This! This! This! Almost all new recruits who join my squad do not know how to navigate the brigade screen and find action. New players need to understand: 1). How to use the Active Battle Tab 2). How to find and join a mission if given a brigade number Understanding this interface is absolutely necessary. Brigade navigation is the first thing new players need to deal with when they log into the game. - even before they fire their first rifle shot.
  14. For lots of people a target is a town, not a person. The objective is to win the map. The number of kills you achieve mean nothing if you capture no towns. Supply is unlimited over time.