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  1. Definately a good event for Stats lol.
  2. Yup, adding the HC Fru (HC MS) was a bad decision.
  3. ***** BUMP TIME: ***** CRS PLEASE REMOVE HC-FRUS (HC MS) FROM THE GAME —- PLEASE. 1). HC FRUs just keep boring one-man mole attacks going on 2nd AOs for too long. Totally boring game play if you try to defend these things. CRS should try spending 3 hours playtesting everyday a defense against walkable, movable HCMS mole attack on a town (2nd AO) . I think you guys will quickly see what I mean. 2). I also know a lot of Allies really don’t like HC FRUs too much right now, because HC FRUs Allowed the Axis to take England last campaign. Dear Rats:: PLease find a different way to encourage Players to join HC. Krazydog
  4. So these half-price subs can’t play when the pop is balanced? Also, what happens to them when they are guarding a cap. They die. And the server population switched to the other side during their mission? Also are you going to force them to use the 10 minute side-lock everytime they are forced to switch back and forth?
  5. If you have too many AOs at once - (more than the underpop side can cover), then you will get a lot of ninja capping of small towns by the overpop side. Ninja caps = towns that fall in 20 minutes after the AO is placed, because the defense is focused elsewhere on the map and it does not react fast enough to cover the 2nd AO. Ninja caps are almost as bad as soft caps (towns fall with almost no fights). We can all imagine the complaining that would happen if the map rolls even faster than now. Cheers!
  6. Congrats Dan!
  7. I got a good idea: Just eliminate the damn HC FRU! Gameplay was better without them. Cheers!
  8. I think 4 charges are enough. If you up it to 6 charges the FMS will just get camped more, and people will complain about the camping.
  9. I just read the new maintenance patch notes. What is the logic behind this change? I think I am going to start arguing for complete removal of these walkable HC FRUs if they are made too powerful. I have never liked walkable HC FRUs since they have been added. HC guys use these things to teleport troops silently across rivers. They also use them to solo mole attack on towns for hours creating totally boring gameplay trying to defend these towns. And now the Rats want to give them SMG too so they will be used even more? Please don’t do it. Its another bad idea. I think most players of this game want to keep gameplay more realistic (with proper zones of control) and no silent teleporting of spawn points
  10. Its probably just a bug that someone exploited. But it should be fixed asap. Its not cool to allow one side to magically fill up supply in a drained town with just a simple hc chat command.
  11. This game is slmost 2 decades old. Actually its probably a normal thing to be playing the same game less and less two decades later. We should all be playing this game less and less over time. This is totally normal thing - human nature. And there is nothing wrong with the current game. Its amazing it has lasted as long as it had, but its an old dinosaur now. What is needed is WW2 Online 2.0. Not endless updates that keep tweaking the current game engine and postponing a newer game engine forever. At this rate, I will probably be dead before WW2 Online 2.0 becomes a reality someday. Lol
  12. Lol! This is kind of true these days. Also, nerfing the LMG didn’t help much either with this lack of MG supply issue. Now we are forced to play with rifles as infantry 50 percent of the time. Maybe its historical, but not everyone enjoys only finding rifles in supply when they are trying to assult ABs
  13. In general, I always thought FBs have been too hard to take down since FB damage levels were changed a couple years ago. And you know what? .... I don’t think I like this airpower damaging fb change. Lol Allowing airplanes to damage fbs is just too easy for air power. I think we will now see most fbs on the map at a damage level that is equal to the level that airpower is capable of dishing out. I think the Rats have reached a point now where they are starting to add too many changes to the game- (change just or the sake of changing something). A lot of these new changes are just not needed really I think the Rats time and energy would be better spent on figuring out how to implement WW2 online 2.0, tather than constantly tweaking the gameplay of the current game engine. Just my 2 cents. Cheers!
  14. Please don’t remove bomber EWS on towns. That will make it almost impossible to setup RDP defense Its already difficult enough to find and catch bombers now. How are we suppose to protect our factories? This is a bad idea. People want more contact in the air. Not less. Who came up with this idea? I never heard anyone request this.