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  1. Yes, I see that Zebb but it is a bit difficult to read the map that way. It will be really hard to look at the webmap from smartphones out of game - which is what I do all the time right now. The map might be easier to read by making the garrison flags smaller or a different color. Or even no garrison flags at all - it is undestood that towns on frontline and the backline towns have supply in them. The movable flags should be clearly distinguished from the garrison flags I think - (if it is technically possible to do that of course). CRS might want to think about it.
  2. How will we be able to distinguish garrison flags from normal movable flags on the strategic map? I don’t see any difference in size or color. I think it will be important for the flags to be clearly distinguishable from each other at a zoomed out scale - so we dont have to mouse over, or click on, every single flag on the map to understand the big picture of the campaign.
  3. Very sad to hear this. JAMMYMAN was the Rat who ran the great squad challenge competitions of the old days. - Those were THE single best experiences I ever had with this game. Nothing else came close. I know the 91st will really miss him. RIP Jammyman
  4. I am hearing that our Euro players in the 91st are getting auto-despawned a lot lately.
  5. I think if you allow spawning inside a FMS, then you will get more frequent occurances of people getting stuck when they spawn in by accidentally clipping into the walls. It already happens now sometimes - especially with ATGs and when the FMS is setup on non-level terrain.
  6. My dream is WW2 Online with a more modern game engine. Having said that, I sometimes wonder if a modern game engine can even handle all the ballistics that needs to be tracked in this this game combined with the need to draw graphics at a speed and range that airplanes require to fly around in. There might be good technical reasons why no other WW2 online shooter has tattempted to produce a gameworld at the scale of this game, and which also includes an air-game combined with a ground-game.
  7. There are already plenty of other tactical ww2 shooters: Squad, Call of Duty, Post Scriptum, etc... The main thing that makes WW2 Online unique is the Campaign mode and the massive scale of this game - which creates a strategic layer to this game. I doubt I would have kept paying a monthly subscription for this game for over 10 years (like I have) if WW2 Online was just a small tactical game like other games.
  8. Nice video! You are correct: there really should be another tutorial in game: probably an advanced in-game turorial - that explains the basics of the strategic game. After all, the main objective in playing this game is to win campaigns! - a strategic onjective! The strategic layer of this game is what makes this game unique from other WW2 shooters. Too many players play this game for a long time without even understanding the basics of the strategic layer to this game.. (New players of course have no clue). Unfortunately, lots of new Steam players give negative reviews for this game after playing just a few hours, and they do not not even understand what the game is about. Cheers! KD , XO - 91st
  9. I like the originality of the idea! Not sure though how Artillery would really slow down a seriously overpop side from capping towns though. I think it would be more of just a nuissance for the overpop side rather than a mechanism for balance like SD.
  10. Great, new guys will be spending money on these DLCs without knowing how to play the game that well, and then later on they will realize that they can’t provide some essential functions in the game. People will get upset. You guys should probably at least make it clear to new players what they WON’T be able to do later on before they purchase these DLCs because I do not think new players think about that stuff when they start playing the game. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I know what the Rifleman has. Thanks. And a rifleman is 4x slower to bust a fb! You increased FB damage by 250 pct over the old days. Speed is essential for an efficient fb bust. Please add the Engineer to a new DLC soon! We already have some new recruits who invested in DLCs, I doubt they will go premium subscription anytime soon. We need to get this sorted out. Engineers also build and destroy bridges, repair ai, etc... They have essential functions in this game. Are you guys saying people who buy DLCs will never have access to these essential functions in game?
  12. We need all our recruits to learn how to bust FBs. - This is a critical squad function. What DLC offers the Engineer unit? I can not find it. Thanks.
  13. This!
  14. Make one full campaign where the Axis side must use Allied equipment, and the Allied side must use Axis equipment. Then people will realize everything is actually balanced lol.
  15. I will do it - prob tomorrow - busy today