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  1. Yeah i don't think ill be getting 450 too but I guess when i save up a lil more money I may sell it for 400 or 350 or I may just buy myself a PS3 hehe always wanted cause my xbox broke down what a ****ty system PC Rule still
  2. I would love all that but I still don't understand why this game takes so much to run. I bought a new rig 6 months ago and it doesn't even come close to run this. This is a good thread i hope they keep it up for awhile so people know what the REAL requirements are needed to play cause i would of never bought my PC. If I can a build a rig between 1000 -1500 or buy 1 of kijiji I would be happy and thnx for the help lately guys
  3. 450 at least
  4. its a LSP Ultra ATX Power Supply Im getting around 450 - 550 what you think Plus no i haven't done anything to it I bought off a guy who worked at tiger direct 6 months ago
  5. What kind of power supply would i need to run all those things plus a nice video card with some cooling system. I also would like to know how much you would pay my computer cause im gonna post it up on PSU is 550W>Thermal Take Tower> Cooler Master>Seagate 320 Gig>ATI Radeon 4650>M8400F Motherboard>4 Gigs Ram Patriot>DVD RW>AMD 9500 Quad 2.20 2m Cache
  6. my motherboard is a HP M8400F and i have ATI Radeon 4650 1g DDR2
  7. I have a AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core 2.20 4gigs Ram
  8. just wondering whats the best video cards out there to run this game smooth with best quality
  9. had the same problem before I just disable the other monitor when i play and it works fine
  10. i have 3g and the fps are bad i try to put the resolution down but it only had a little effect and every time i hear a tank my speakers get distorted im thinking fps has something to do with that too
  11. i want to be 101st airborne band of brothers boys lets do it i hope i make this time cause i was noob before and i didn't know how to find the server last time
  12. Ok we got the update when will the servers be up its this taking alot longer then expected any word how long more
  13. its complete but server still down
  14. yeah it got me 2
  15. Thnx I have been doing that too This is my first update